Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring and summer construction work

Nice weather spring and summer , the best season i like. Yes spring and summer best time for construction work.  Not like in the Philippines everytime is always time for construction whether its inside and outside houses and buildings except when its rainy season.

Here in Canada, my sister is planning to have some renovations on her house . She plans to replace wornout drywalls, repair of doors, paintings, and install wood  laminated floorings.  She will not get professionals because its expensive so , he would only get me and my brother in law to do the job.

Preparations are needed to start the work. I told him that since there is a family leaving in the basement, the work should be scheduled by phases, and one important thing is crowd control. It is hard to work in a place if there are other people roaming around. It is also needed to divide the area where to work and the family living in the area to do their daily routine. So  we also have to used stanchions  or dividing line or post  to separate the working area with the passing space for people to walk on. 

There must also a place for the raw materials to be used so as not  to be mixed with  worn items taken out from walls and floorings. A barricades or a tent had be used to for the purchased item not to mix with torn items and protect it from sunlight or rain outside of the house. A big garbage bin is necessary for the waste materials to be thrown out of the construction..

She acknowledge these recommendations are important for the success of the project but also one important aspect are the designs and the kind of materials she will be buying and of course the tools needed in the small construction.  We hope to finished the job this summer.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Special treatment in the Philippine Penitentiary

ex governor leviste
   This man is Ex- Gov. Antonio Leviste  of Batangas who was sentenced and   jailed at the National Penitentiary in  Muntinlupa  for murder but was caught by the National Bureau of Investigation three days ago. He was apprehended by  the NBI from a tip that  he is living a free life and not in  his cell , living his sentenced.

So why he was able to do this , i supposed there are “special  treatment  in the
Philippine Penintentiary” , if there was none then he could not do this . He was able to went out of his cell and the compound of the National Bilibid Prison without a permit and even without a guard.

What does it mean when prisoners  like Antonio Leviste can go out of his living cell? It means  Justice in the national penitentiary  where hard earned criminals are jailed are not  equal.  So if this guy an ex-governor and has money  could play with justice ,   it is not hard to think that there are  more affluent  criminals who could also be given a  special treatment in the Philippine Penitentiary. And corruption of  government of public officials is the National Penitentiary is again matters.

Now with the present government of Pres. Noynoy Aquino his sense of respect for law and justice is again at stake because his appointee Ernesto Diokno head of the National Bilibid Prison had the command and responsibility for this case.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Specialty Merchandise Corporation as i know

I stumbled an article stating that SMC is a scam company? I can’t believe it?  When i started blogging in 2008  i already had encountered this site or company. I always happened to see it on many ads on the web and i had tried to be a member but earlier then i did not get involved much because i was concentrated on blogging.

Upon reading this article , i got interested with Specialty Merchandise Corporation and tried to look for something a review or any article about SMC, i don’t believe its a scam.

SMC, or the Specialty Merchandise Corporation, is a company that’s been offering people an online business opportunity for many years.The way the SMC business opportunity works is that each person who joins becomes an authorized reseller of various items from the SMC warehouse. Each member gets their own web store and training in how to attract customers to their website. When someone buys a product from your store you’ll be credited with commissions from each sale generated.

For more information about Specialty Merchandise Corporation check for these links

Having been on specialty products for so long SMC can’t be a scammer. I wonder if it has some product from the Philippines or product to sell to filipinos

Friday, May 20, 2011

traffic violation a criminal record

Traffic violation is a criminal record which is still written on  my  ( National Bureau of Investigation) clearance in the Philippines. Although it did not deter me from going to Canada as a temporary worker and  i had already paid my penalty for that traffic violation..

I do think it should be erased the moment i already settled and paid the necessary fees for the violation. There is no system to erased this kind of records in the Philippines. I do think there must be a law or a system to erased those records because it is not a good background when you are applying for a job. It creates a bad image of a persons trustworthiness and violates your human rights.

This does not happened to Canadians because there is a system or an agency that every filipino or Canadians could go to. This is an agency that helps people with criminal record to be erased and not worry about not being accepted for  their employment application. It handles the case of any applicant on a person to person basis together with their specialist.

Not all criminal records   are erased or given pardon but still the concept of no records on your background is a very  important aspect for your being employed and being trusted by an employer. Any  criminal offence be it dismissed, withdrawn or stayed means a criminal record. The records means your fingerprints, photographs and the informations about your charge and corresponding hearings and results are part of the big file. All of these could be confirm by checking criminal record canada.

But first on the list before involving into this details check there site  about canadian pardon applications  and for questions on your mind.  When you are ready you have to sign up with the agency.  In order to remove  criminal record or be cleared they contact and request  the local police agency for your file, including photographs and fingerprints to be destroyed. This process could take from six- twelve months depending on your records.

So knows their craft. They have help thousands of people for pardon and waiver applications since  1989. They are a pioneer in this industry and accepted by greater number of Canadians.

How i wish we have this in the Philippines, since there is a new government and the way its governing now is tracking the right path to fight corruption and bring economic prosperity to the people.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pacquiao debate on RH bill

When Pacquiao went home to Philippines after the fight with Mosley , he was scheduled  to fight another opponent and this was the start of his fight against  Poverty. And since the church knows that Manny Pacquiao is a religious person he became the symbol of opposition to the RH bill . He also “debate d” the author of the RH bill in Congress.

RH bill is a law that is now being discussed in Congress of the Philippines and will be passed for approval or denial of the lawmakers in the Philippines. The Reproductive Health bill, popularly known as the RH bill, is a Philippine bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. The bill has become the center of a contentious national debate. There are presently two bills with the same goals: House Bill No. 4244 or An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development, and For Other Purposes introduced by Albay 1st districtRepresentative Edcel Lagman, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or the Reproductive Health Act introduced by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Debate on the Rh bill is really a controversial issue because the church is against the passing of the RH Bill , the church stands on the position of pro-life  meaning that RH bill would be against life of the unborn child.
I know Pacquiao would be pro-life or pro church position because he is religious and believes God is guiding him and helping him with his fight. Lucky for Pacquiao but there are a lot of filipinos living on the poverty line about 40% of the population and if the population would not be controlled through this RH Bill,  Philippines would not address the many mouths to feed without a law to control or minimize the growth of millions filipinos.
I don’t think he’s being the champion on boxing , would turn the beliefs of those pro RH Bill , he maybe good in boxing but not on population control .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Looking for a new wear

Aside from having some summer events here in Canada i was planning to have my 30 days vacation in the Philippines. Since it is summer now on my country, i had to look for a good summer wear. I also need to buy something for my loving wife. So i look first online and i found some medical scubs ,  which is fashionable. See the look ;


If i had these scrub apparel for me , my wife should also have it.

Do you think  my wife will like this ?, i am sure she will love it.

Well they also have other other apparels, like tshirts , medical scrubs,medical uniforms, jackets, accesories and also for children.

If you also like to have a kind of scrub hat for summer and be unique  and fashionable visit this site  so you know all the details about the new trend in fashion use scrub apparel.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friend of mine watch Pacquiao Fight

A filipino friend of mine living in Las Vegas told me that he was able to watch the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight but  he did not went to buy his ticket  at the counter of the MGM Grand . I know that all tickets were sold out  and no where you could  buy a ticket. He told me his secret , he bought the ticket the ticket  at

He told me  that this site is a broker of ticket events that gives you premium seating to events without a need to stand in line and you can choose where you want to seat.  First time i heard about this broker.

I have learned from him that had all the first class event on their list  as well as the venues.

These are some of the events and the tickets  which are on their list Cirque Du Soleil TicketsThe Lion King Tickets , James Taylor Tickets , Tim McGraw Tickets and U2 Concert Tickets. These are all first class events and having the first hand to have advanced ticket for this affair is a winner.

Wow , i am sure a lot of people will prepare , it saves you time just a click away or a phone call and you are sure of your attendance to your favorite event.  Philippines does not have this kind of broker i dont know if there is that such a kind of site.

Poverty in the Philippines, Pacquiao’s fight

Before the fight of Pacquiao vs Mosley , Pacquiao promised that he will start his longest fight ,not on the ring but the fight against poverty in his country , the Philippines . And as a gesture of this crusade , he wore the yellow gloves in his last fight.

That was a good gesture from a  the greatest champ and he will be more love by the Filipino people for doing a good deed and he won't be forgotten not only as the Great Pound for Pound King of Boxing but as a man of the masses , we will be following this development plans of the Champ. Actually he already had a plan his first project was to build affodable housing for the Filipinos through Gawad Kalinga .

For this laudable project of Manny Pacquiao we again give him "Mabuhay". 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A challenge offer , He’ll pay you $1000

As bloggers we are always confronted and see hundreds of offers on the web.  So  we tried to choose and decide if we still can have time to accomodate this offers. This is a challenge offer, he will pay you $1000 if you did not earn.

This offer  i accept i believe  could help me on my finances and i think it would also help a lot of bloggers and my co-filipino bloggers. No out of pocket , a challenge on  your writing skills and a good experience. This is about a site that offers free five (5) sites which will be launching on July 4, 2011. The offered site is about entertainment, dating site,voucher site, finance and magic trick one. All would be ready for sale, all you have to do is fill its contents and work for traffic and affiliates up to 5 levels deep.


I believe as of the moment the offer of David Ronald  the owner who had a bad experienced with MLM ,   wants to prove that his bad experienced could turn into good one and an earning one. He even challenge would be members “that if you will not earn” he would pay you $1000 if  you did not earn.

I belong to a blogger’s community and i know many of you out there especially my filipino co-bloggers need to earn and are struggling. You are all experienced in writing articles and this is peanuts.  Will you take this challenge? No money from your pocket , he will pay you out $1000 if you dont earn. Just click on the banner , visit the site and if you like it join in. See you inside.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley (the runaway, pusher)

Congratulations To Manny Pacquiao for another victory fight last night. He had proven again that he is the worlds greatest fighter in this time. And i am proud of him and proud being a filipino , it had proven to the world that best fighters comes from the Philippines.  Hoooray !!!!!!!!Hooray!!!!!!!! Mabuhay si Manny , Mabuhay ang Pinoy !!!!!

manny pacquiao
Though the fight was not that exciting , because there were not much exchange of blows. More comes from Manny Pacquiao and not from Shane Mosley . Shane Mosley was really hurt in the third round when he was knockdown by Pacquiao and from that on , what he did was assure himself not to be hurt anymore , he became “ a runner” , (running away from Pacquiao) and does not punch so much , he became a “pusher” , he pushed Pacquiao to escape the punches.

Analysis from the expert says that the kind of blows shown by Pacquiao was not the same blows he gave with Margarito . From the fight itself Pacquiao did not really showed his powerful punches, except from the third round.  But in his invterview after the fight he explain that he was affected by “cramps” on his legs , that is why he was not on his full power.  Mosley also after the fight said  he had some pain on his foot .
Whatever happened ,  What matters is   that Pacquiao won the fight . Again , MABUHAY !!!
And for you Pacquiao here is a good song .

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer time, plans and preparations

I am sure many had missed my updates on my blog, it was some sort of vacation not the real sense but not vacation as  not working on your job  but there’s vacancy on my blogs.  This time i really had to catch up with my writings.

Its already summertime and surely many likes to go and do some happenings in summer. I with my relatives here in Canada are already discussing some plans and preparations for the coming summer. How i wish i am in the Philippines , i love summertime in my county . But since i am not there i had to enjoy my time here . But one very important thing that had to be considered , the very most important , preparing the reliability and efficiency  of the car that had to be used in going to the place you want to go.

And for this i considered the experience of my friend . He had suggest to me to consult because he had some good experienced with this company and he highly recommend this before going to any repair shop.

What this site  is offering  is an unbiased estimates for any repairs, user ratings and reviews of shops for any kind of car you are using. It can handle any kind of cars and it gives you ratings and reviews on any shop you want to go . So is really reliable.  

I trust my friend about cars but when i consulted site , i found out that they are not ready for Canadian location at the moment. But surely i will saved this tip from a best friend. For my friends in the US , i am sure they already know this site. I hope they also have there services in the Philippines .