Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moving house stuff

In the Philippines moving house stuff is not a big problem especially in the rural areas or provinces.  Whenever there is a family from a barrio transferring to another barrio or town the whole community is involve or provides a helping hand. The picture below depicts the spirit of what we called “bayanihan” spirit.


You don’t have to classify and pack your household stuff to bags or containers because your whole house can be transferred to your place of destination.

This is really economical and provides a community effort.  I was discussing this with my friend who plans to transfer or move his house stuff from a city to another city or place here in Canada.
There is a big disparity  in the Philippines and Canada as what i say to him, because here you have to see your budget and make a moving estimates . You have to classify and pack your stuff and estimate the number of belongings that had to be loaded on a track and how many trips needed to transfer all the stuff. 

You really need to contact local movers to help you with estimates be it long distance movers or just short distance. My friend told me that he is ready and have saved a budget for the transfer and its only a short distance and he only needs a local moving quotes for this.

Well its good that my friend had prepared for these , for me its not a problem yet because i don’t have a house  and don’t have lots of household stuffs.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pinoys proves a world class talent

Congratulations to Marcelito Pomoy who won the first prize in the recently concluded Pinoy Got Talent show of  ABS-CBN. He won Two Million Pesos which he deserves because of his extra-ordinary talent of a man with high pitch voice of a  woman.

On the second place was Happy Feet duo , a team of brothers coming from a poor family whose dream was just to help their family economically. They did not even know their kind of dancing was “tap dance’.
And also the third placer a group of young man Freestylers who band together to show their “tumbling” skills that really proves a death defying stunts, that left the audience in whooo.

Pinoys the second season of Pinoy Got Talent contest  proves a world class talent with superb skills in dancing, singing , magic , hollihop , in groups, in duet  and solo performance its all flipantastic.

Here are the three winners ;

         Grand Prize Winner – Marcelito Pomoy

           Second Place  - Happy Feet

          Third Placer  -  Freestyler

In spite of the problems facing the nation who once again was devastated by typhoon “Falcon’ , the people had some relaxation and enjoyment  on watching , smiling for a while and some relief on viewing  all the 14 finalist compete for the Two Million Pesos.

Once again come season three , thousands will once again audition to  try if they could reach their dream of becoming a finalist on the Pinoy Got Talent contest.  Becoming a millionaire is now just a dream.
If you want to watch all the 14 finalist of the PGT go to my youtube account

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Filipino wants his brand to be popular and sell

A filipino friend consulted me about how he could duplicate and make his product or brand go viral or have a lot of contracts or sell a particular product. He is a graphic artist and he is very good in designing artworks on any material be it banners, cards, or anything you name it.  Here’s a sample of his work which could  make a sale on t-shirts:


I advise him that he needs a particular product like t-shirts which could sell a lot this days because its summer.

But having a product does not guarantee that your brand would sellout you need to have a company that would help in the promotion of his works , product and an example is a tshirt.

So i research and found this site handling promotional products. This is , the first online company that sells promotional products that cater to small business up to big time companies. And what is great about this , they have a branch office in the Philippines so its just as easy to deal with them.

They handle a lot of promotional items from ballpens, apparels, tshirts, mugs, bags, food products and key chains.  So for example if  your selling t-shirts or want your design to sell out let handle your t-shirt with logo your artwork.

Ordering from them does not take that long and they have an online system to send your logo or design to them. When i explained this research to my friend he was very excited and prepares to contact

Here in my blog there is one article that i am also sure would be love by the filipinos it is the logo of the bloggers, i am sure the winner of the artwork “proudly pinoy” Joe Talisic would promote his winning entry into any product .

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father’s Day what it means to you

In my time in the Philippines  as a teenager in 1960’s and 1970’s there is NO SUCH thing as celebration of FATHER’S DAY. It was only after the 70’s that FATHER’s DAY celebration was adopted in the Philippines …

A caption from Wikipedia;

“Six years later, the day was made a permanent national holiday when President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972.[3][4]In addition to Father's Day, International Men's Day is celebrated in many countries on November 19 for men and boys who are fathers.

Father’s Day, in the Philippines this holiday changed was only celebrated due to American influence which had been adopted as a law in the US congress . Since its very popular  so its being followed on the third sunday of June.

What is Father’s Day for me and what it means to you ?;  I think of my father and what he had contributed to my being a person, now an adult person, married and me as a father. I accepted my father for what he is and what he had provided me until i had my own family. He is a good provider for my needs and the family that is how he shows love for the family.  But he had limitations which i hardly accepted before. He is not showy of his affection with his family up to the extent of not having communications with his children. This limitations was not also his fault, its the kind of upbringing and influence he had with his parents and society as a whole. The limitations had intrique me and pushed me to look for answers outside of the family.

Fathering for me means  doing the responsibility of taking care of your childrens needs not only with finances and material things. There is also that need of having good communication, good rapport and understanding and unity amongs the family. A message sent to me by my best friend befits what father is;

“PAG  TATAY KA, walang LOG OUT, walang PAUSE, walang STOP, walang DAY OFF, walang SAHOD , mas lalong di pwede  ang MAG RESIGN . pwede kang MAMILI NG ASAWA di ka pwedeng  MAMILI NG ANAK , dahil ang pagiging AMA, HABANG BUHAY NG KONTRATA “
In Fathering there is NO LOG OUT, NO PAUSE, NO DAY OFF, NO SALARY , you cannot resign, YOU CAN CHOOSE ANOTHER WIFE but YOU COULD NOT CHOOSE your CHILDREN and Fathering is a contract a lifetime one.

Fathering is not only the individuals concern as a father because society as well as economy and government has a big role in  fathering or parents upbringing for a better family and society. How can a poor family with less resources have a good father.  He could have the best intentions, the effort, the strenght , the spirit of being a father but when he does not have the means like lifetime job  On every  Father’s Day , he is always praised  for his dedication , his role being on the pedestal and just that but not seeing and recognizing or the will to correct the limitations and the support mechanisms (society, economy and government) can do. Father’s Day becomes an ordinary day and a fun day , its a business day. Its a different Father’s Day for everybody and different for every family.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Education needed for higher income

When i came to Canada i was only thinking that i will surely earn dollars for the needs of my family, having attended a short course in caregiving i assumed that it would be  enough to support whatever expenses for myself and my family in the Philippines.

But when i finished my contract with an employer and had to work for another employer i came to accept that caregiving career is not what i really want after all. I came to realize that earnings on these profession would not be sufficient if you will live with your own house and family. Caregiving jobs would only give you the minimum earnings for a month which is only about $1,500 more or less. If you would pressure yourself to earn more , you should have two jobs. Or elevating your status from a caregiver to Personal Support Worker you need to study and a permit is needed for you to acquire your studies.

Its real , education is needed for higher income here in Canada and probably in other countries like United States.

But given that you still have to work for your everyday expenses and have to budget your time, the question now is how could you study and at the same time work. I consulted my nephew about the matter of studying at the same time working and he recommended to me about online education. For me its unusual or i may say its new to me about  studying online because i had not experienced this kind of studies. The kind of education that i know was going to universities, enrolling and getting the college course that you prefer.

I thought it over and surf and found out it provides you with references on many aspects of education somewhat a search engine for your educational needs. I was made aware that studying  online would not be expensive  because you wont be using a classroom, you wont be paying for transportation, you dont have to buy books or reference materials  and you can even apply for a loan.

What i need to decide , on the list of online courses  is what will i  choose. Will i have to upgrade my status to a personal support worker course or take online degree on computer sciences which is related on my  BSREE degree.

Whatever, the goal now is pursue on a higher income and achieve more progress.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 12, 2011 Phil. Independence

phil independence 
June 12, 2011 is a  significant day for the Philippines because its the Philippine Independence Day Celebration.  To  date it is the 113  year of Philippine Independence given by the Americans to the Philippines in June 12, 1898 at  Kawit Cavite during the time of  Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo who was declared the first President of the Revolutionary Government at that time. The freedom won  was against  Spains colonization of the Philippines which had been fought by the Filipinos for hundred of years only to be colonized again by the Americans. The reign of the Americans was also opposed by many revolutionaries and the era of filipino –american war erupted.  Then the Japanese colonization and also fought by the Filipinos  until full independence was again declared on July 4, 1946 with the promulgation of  the Philippines on its new Republic with President Quezon as the the President again given by the Americans. .

But what is the significance of the present June 12 , 2011 independence day on the present administration of President Noynoy Aquino?

The Philippines which had fought longer periods of colonization until today is still not fully independent in the sense that it does not have or still a developing country with its industry heavy dependent on foreign materials and technology.  The kind of government that it had acquired or pattern from the Americans is always characterize by corruption after corruption ever since the Republic was established.

The present government is striving to get rid of corruption but will corruption be erased in the filipino government when from the simple barangay government to the highest level of governance there exist a culture of corruption.

What is real independence , is it not a country with non dependence, their is justice and progress.  What kind of progress when majority of the people are still living in poverty, when justice is only for the few people and when the economy is not improving and thousands of workers migrate to other countries to improve their living.

True independence is still  a dream and the fight for true progress is not over . May god help us and may the filipinos unite to achieve genuine independence.