Monday, November 14, 2011

What tricks did Marquez have on Pacman?

The fight of Pacman vs Marquez became a controversial one when Pacman's supporters where not satisfied with the kind of fight  he had performed with Marquez. And from Marquez camp they believe there warrior was the one who won.

Though for the filipinos whether Pacman win or lose he still is the great fighter and Champion. Not this fight alone with Marquez can ever loose the faith of the Filipinos and to the world.  Pacman is a pound for pound champion and an eight division champion. We should accept that decision had been made and the judges are knowledgeable with their votes and decisions.

From Pacman's interview he accepts that Marquez is really a tough fighter.  He really was because the episodes of their fight won't reached this "Third One". And from the people of both camps they want to see who really would be down on the canvass just to say that "One is the Greatest"

I had been following the news on Pacmans preparation from the Philippines and the US. Pacman had really had a tough preparation for this fight because he knows Marquez is not that easy to be beaten. Pacman's preparation was all that physical and no tricks.

On the other hand news about Marquez preparation was not much seen on TV and newspapers. What i heard about Marquez was his drinking of his urine, Is this the trick?  So its quite obvious that maybe there was something that Marquez was preparing for the fight not only the urine.

Watch this pictures on the fight day, the tricks of Marquez maybe this is what he prepared to off balance Pacman in their fight/

Obviously from the pictures you can see that Marquez trick was to step on the foot of Pacman, so as Paacman would be off balance.  This might be the reason why the fight tricks of Pacman did not materialize. I just dont know why the judges or referee had not seen this "Foot Stopper Trick".

What had Marquez had to say on this, thanks for people's keen observers and a watchful eyes on the fight. At first i would really believe that Pacman had the hard time fighting Marquez but i was wondering why? what happened. And probably this is one of the great reason? though this was not mentioned by Pacman after the fight. You be the judge, i am not a boxer but seeing this images, i would see that Marquez deserves to be a loser and a un fair fighter.  Pacman should have another fight with this guy. ..LOSER ,,MARQUEZ