Friday, May 20, 2011

traffic violation a criminal record

Traffic violation is a criminal record which is still written on  my  ( National Bureau of Investigation) clearance in the Philippines. Although it did not deter me from going to Canada as a temporary worker and  i had already paid my penalty for that traffic violation..

I do think it should be erased the moment i already settled and paid the necessary fees for the violation. There is no system to erased this kind of records in the Philippines. I do think there must be a law or a system to erased those records because it is not a good background when you are applying for a job. It creates a bad image of a persons trustworthiness and violates your human rights.

This does not happened to Canadians because there is a system or an agency that every filipino or Canadians could go to. This is an agency that helps people with criminal record to be erased and not worry about not being accepted for  their employment application. It handles the case of any applicant on a person to person basis together with their specialist.

Not all criminal records   are erased or given pardon but still the concept of no records on your background is a very  important aspect for your being employed and being trusted by an employer. Any  criminal offence be it dismissed, withdrawn or stayed means a criminal record. The records means your fingerprints, photographs and the informations about your charge and corresponding hearings and results are part of the big file. All of these could be confirm by checking criminal record canada.

But first on the list before involving into this details check there site  about canadian pardon applications  and for questions on your mind.  When you are ready you have to sign up with the agency.  In order to remove  criminal record or be cleared they contact and request  the local police agency for your file, including photographs and fingerprints to be destroyed. This process could take from six- twelve months depending on your records.

So knows their craft. They have help thousands of people for pardon and waiver applications since  1989. They are a pioneer in this industry and accepted by greater number of Canadians.

How i wish we have this in the Philippines, since there is a new government and the way its governing now is tracking the right path to fight corruption and bring economic prosperity to the people.