Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comments/ Suggestions and Features on Flip'antasticweb

I would like to thank my daughter and some friends for sending me compliments for my blogging . I would do it better and surpass their expectations , I promise .. ( Hope I can do it ) But I could not do it alone , I need the support and cooperation of you readers out there .

Who are you ?, readers, co – bloggers , internet marketers , webmasters , neighbors , relatives , uncles , aunties , male , female , any sex ..all of you computer literates or non literates, Flips or not , I need you and hope you consider my blog for information , advises , support and help . Let me know your stories .

This is what they said ;

“Congratulations on your new blog site.

Just an additional information.. In Filipino slang words, "Flip" is sometimes used to refer to people who do a lot of crazy, funny and naughty things.. I guess this blog would be as fun, crazy and funny as what it's name tells.

Enjoy blogging!”

“I'm really impress on how you write. Have you written a book before? How did you acquire the skills?”

“I visited your blog. It's pretty good for a starter.

"More power.”

“What you can write is the difference of our culture to the Canadian culture and how you struggle to adjust yourself in the new environment. “

“You can also write what you want can contribute to the cultural diversity in this country and your advice to new immigrants on the do’s and don'ts in this country.

For all the compliments , again a lot of thanks . I will surely consider your insights and suggestions. For you out there reading my blog , I hope you could also give your comments , suggestions , messages or whatever you want to say . You could also contribute , not money but articles you want to post .

There is a comment button at the end of every post or article . There is also a send message window at your right hand side of the monitor .

The other features of this site ; the “you tube you could
watch feed in videos related to the article you are reading ,
if not its what you tube wants you to see ( there are clips
that could not be filtered), You could also provide your own
videos by being a member of you
tube and I will upload
it on my blog.

There is about me , if you are interested in me ? there is a spot for that. An archieve , this is where stock pile of articles go, after it has been exhaustingly shown , rather after 7 postings and even now .

Listings of my affiliate links are in the right hand vertical side of the monitor. And if you want to search some Information in Google there is a search button also on the right.

If you want to subscribe there is a place for that , also on the right .

Well ‘ that’s it. This is what GOOGLE has provided . Thanks again to GOOGLE the pioneer and no. 1 in search engine and related services.

Again I am requesting that you contribute , share , ask questions but if you can’ t say anything , your shy or just don’t want , just read and enjoy, tell it to your friends , relatives , love ones , (here we go again) wife , husband , neighbors . …and so on .

Lets enjoy blogs , blogging , reading and sharing.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Writing/Blogging, It's Fun

I am not a writer but I know how to write . When we say write , its basically writing with your hand for the primary purpose of expressing yourself and communicating. This skill was develop from childhood unto our adulthood through the school and throughout our lifes social integration.
So every one who had an education has the capability to write although it would be a different thing on how far you have develop your skills in writing . From school age to older age we saw that our writings gradually develop. From childish scribbling towards a more refine writings . The things that we wrote from kindergarten , grade school , secondary education and college are all different . Even the content of what we write , differs because of our backgrounds . There are variances in the content of our write ups depending on life's living situations , likes , experiences hobbies , work and goals in life .

It’s a good thing that we know how to write , because we could communicate . But though there are people who does not know how to write , these are individuals or people who had no education .

In the Philippines majority of the population are educated but there are still communities that had no schools and although there are schools , some does not want education job is more important to them even at an early age. There are children working and not studying in rural and even urban centers.

In the history of man and our society the writings evolve, ( there was no blogging then yet) During the early times they write on stones . Imagine if time standstill and there were no discoveries , we probably are still like caveman Maybe in our house there are stocks of tableau , stones stack for our mail ...And imagine the mail man , it would be pretty heavy to distribute mails made of stones…

Now, where am i , what are we talking about?

This is not about the caveman ? The topic is about writing and in the present time ? The internet world generation , the blogging generation . With the development of science and the discovery of metals and minerals , man wrote using pencil and pen . Then comes the typewriter ...But now at the computer age , we don’t write anymore , we click on a computer . Imagine what would be the next generation after the computer ? Probably , were no longer in this world , imagine .. we wont be writing anymore , we will just look each other and communicate. There is no need for writing , were all silent and just looking ...

Why do I write on a blog ?

On my first write up I wrote the kind of situation I’m in right now and this has a lot to do , on why I am now walking on this new career, blogging , so please read my first write up. But seriously ;

  1. I write on my blogs to express what I feel . What I could not say or speak out loud . I do it in writing , which I think is a good thing. You could organize your thoughts out of writing an article. I am not a writer but the feeling of emptiness , the loneliness of a situation , the emptiness of not having much time for socialization and the urgency to do something for self , family and community is a great driving force that push me to write or blog.

  1. In particular Google is my first site to start my write ups and now I found, its good that this particular sites does not censor write ups although there are write ups that has to be censure. But even then some members should probably help others or me in particular in English writing skills . I am not an English writer , I am a Filipino and I know that at the moment Qassia has no standard on grammars . What I know is Qassia needs intel and the way how to write this intel is not a problem as long as we could communicate and understand each other.
  1. Writing per se particularly in English medium develops your English . For me with a background of a college education , i think writing is not a problem but still had to be polish. It is not so easy to be fluent in English when in your country its bilingual but you openly and daily use the native language which is Tagalog. Living here in Canada you have to speak in English.
  1. Writing an article develops in you the confidence . It prove something that you could be proud of . Its an achievement, a development and much progress.
  1. Writing being an expression of your thoughts , feelings or emotions , talent and sharing of your intelligence would gain friends . It could serve as an inspiration for others to follow.

6. Writing could be a means to rally individuals , groups and community for a cause.

7. And writing or blogging could give you income .

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Logo for FLIP' antastic Web

Readers , bloggers especially “CO- FLIPS” or flippers . I am very inspired to write on my blog or our blog . So many ideas could not be erased on my mind . I had sleepless nights , that I had to write all what is on my mind , I did wrote it , but I still had to organize my thoughts before I could execute it.

A very important aspect that I was considering on my blog was to have a good picture or image but since I was very excited to do what is on my mind .. So I just started to write it, and upon doing it , there were very other important things that should not be overlooked . One of this important aspect was the logo …
Should I write the blog without a logo or proceed without it.. Or have a logo or wait for a logo before I write the blog . Well at the end I decided to write the blog without a logo ..

But mind you , I did some research on what particular images or logo should I put on my blog .. The idea of a logo must be or should have a taste of a Filipino ..

And this is what I found out . I came across , a monumental achievement by our fellow “Flips” in our country and I just knew it after my research .. This is what our “Flip” bloggers did in last year 2007 , in observance of the Independence Day , June 24 ( was this the real indepence day?) ..there was a competition for making a logo “Proudly Pinoy”

The winning logo was this ;
This logo was created by the winner Joe Talisic of

This logo could be used by any Flip Bloggers on their website provided their site is indicated or labeled . So with this I won’t have any problem on my blog . probably I could use this logo . But I was again confused because there are 297 logos all in all .Now what will I used ? Proudly Pinoys ….mind you , I was blown away , and they all VERY GOOD ,.. So probably readers , bloggers, commentators maybe you could help me decide what logo to use.. See these site for the other 296 logo ; htttp://

To the proudly winner , to the founders, organizers, staff and members of Proudly Pinoy , Hurray , to All of You , You are all good Flip’ s .,,You have done a good Job . You have proven that you are real Pinoy and I salute you for this job well done and hope that symbol is not only a token but it should have substance in your everyday lives doing a monumental achievement for the country and be a true nationalist. Let us make a move to rally fellow Flip bloggers or Flip website owners in the world net to display the "Proudly Pinoy" on their websites.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A blog for the "Flip"

Its a new year and its good to start a new blog on this year "2008" coz this year has many zeroes or circles which signifies a "coin" , money. But in Filipino , a circle means just going around in circle or in local dialect " pareho lang , paikot ikot ang buhay" . I would like to believe and we must believe that this year would be a good year. The circle , signifying money does not mean life is just the same , yes it will be in circle but in spiralling motion , and this spiral motion is going up towards progress.

Why is this Site Flip'

Flip , yes for the filipinos . I am a filipino here in Canada, Filipinos are called " Flip" a short for Filipino. Even the famous "Black Eyed Peas" has called Filipino , "flip" .

I am proud in being a filipino , although it is hard to admit that i am now on a foreign land and not working in my own country. But i remain to be , a "Flip" , a Filipino just living and working in this North America.

Living and working as caregiver for two years is more of loneliness, for you are not with your family. The joy and happiness during the first few months was overwhelm by loneliness, depression , being sickly and you almost want to go home . But because there is no available work or opportunity in my nativeland, you are forced to control your sadness and loneliness.

Yes , you have day offs but you could not spend a lot of your money for this good time because you are thinking of your low earned dollars . It is much needed by your own family. But there is hope , here in Canada , after working for two years you could apply for immigrant with your family. So it' s a worthwhile investment , nevermind being lonely and that's what we "Flip" are known , "matiisin". We tried every means to go on , even to sacrifice our life for our family.
That's being a "Flip".

Blogging , this is a way of expressing our feelings, thoughts , achievements , problems ,business or what have you.. With your subscription can make a worthwhile spot on the worldwide web. With this we could contribute , share , help , develop and do something for our ka- Flip" or kababayan . Together we could share in the struggle of our co - filipinos in our country in achieving progress.

So let' s blog , and let's group hug...