Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life is a Gamble

Gambling is the primary source of living of my father when he was still alive. He was able to make a living with her craft. He was able to provide for the family and made all of us his seven children finished schooling up to college. But in real life never he taught us how to gamble.

But when your thinking how he was able to make the family economy secure with just gambling alone, it's amazing. He is very good in his own trade. I was wondering if he had taught us about his secrets there's probably a good chance I will not have problems with money.

When you want to gamble here in Canada you have to go to Casino. This is always one of the favorite places that everybody visits be it for fun and trying your luck. This is where I always remember my father. I am also trying my luck on online casino, you never know I might hit a jackpot. But I only play slot machines on real casino and online casino's.

I always had this thought in mind that "life is a gamble" then why not try gambling its part of our life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Identity Information is a key to theft and fraud online

Identity information is what thieves online are after. If they have your personal information, then they may be successful in theft and fraud online. I continue to see this online, especially in my own emails. If you are receiving emails asking for your personal information, that seems to not be coming from a true source, then these thieves are trying to get your information.

Like I said, I am currently seeing this in my emails lately. See the image below;

If you're keen on distinguishing a real Paypal email from a spoof, then you will not be trapped or taken advantage of.  All of the information you provided to Paypal could be stolen and it's quite possible that your money will be taken as well.  Since your bank account is connected to PayPal, well, you better be careful because thieves will have access to that once they have access to your PayPal. This is just one example if you are not careful and give your information out to people trying to steal it. There is a lot more going on than we think online. The crooks are clever and have high tech capabilities for their modus operandi. This will really affect you, your family, your credit score and your earned money especially in this time of crisis. How will you even begin to get back to where you were in your credit standing and account balance/savings?

Paypal, banks and other financial institutions are all aware that this is happening and they will provide you with preventive measures.This will ensure that you will not to be robbed or suffer fraudGiven this situation and seeing the fraud happen first hand, I began tget interested and familar with services and companies that could help me with identity theft protection. I saw an IdentityHawk Commercial. The video portrays what is really happening online and offline. People will literally do everything to get your money. IdentityHawk has the expertise to identify if somebody is eyeing your information online. They have the experience and knowledge to prevent this. They will help you stay theft and fraud free. So be smart like a"hawk" with your transactions online and to be sure to have the best  identity theft protection there is. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crocodile in the Philippines

The captured biggest crocodile in the Philippines is now recognized worldwide unless there is a new one which would be more bigger than this. The crocodile is 21 feet in length and weight a more than a  ton. The government of Agusan in the southern Philippines  hunted the crocodile because it causes fears in the community , one girl  and a farmer was also  killed, they suspect that this "croc" was the culprit.  One hunter was also killed in the process of hunting the animal, he was "Lolong" , and now the crocodile was proclaimed to be name of the Crocodile and the town of Bunawan  is now proclaimed and be developed into a "tourist" spot" .

Talking about Crocodiles in the Philippines , there are really  a lot of "Crocodiles" in tagalog word "Buwaya". In colloquial terms these also means "Crocs' or more of "Crooks" in government . This also means that the "Crocs" in government are those people in government who are taking there position to make selfish robbery of the people's tax money for their ends. At this period of Pinoys governance  the biggest "Crocs" now is being investigated  and formal charges will be filed.  These "crocs" or "crooks' is not easily captured unlike "lolong" , these people are powerful and wealthy but now they are now on there downside getting sick and maybe later on they could be put in jail.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Newly constructed residential houses Canada

My sister had bought a house for almost a year now in Brampton. Ontario , Canada. Actually its a brand new house newly built. Majority of the houses in the place are new , others still on the process of construction but the roads are all passable. All of the newly built houses if you examined had no addresses.

So i ask my sister why until now for almost a year since they occupy the place there are no addresses. She told me they have a number for their house but they had no time to look for finding a right kind of plates or plaques for her house. So i told her that i could look for it and find a right plaques for her and she agreed.

Since i am an internet addict the first thing that i did was to search not on telephone directories , not on the magazines, newspapers but on the internet. what i put on the google search was personalized address plaques and wow i found out this site they have beautiful plaques and the prize are low. You can also make a custom address plaques based on what you prepared material , size and color.

I suggest the site to my sister and told her i found out what she needs . So we discuss what kind of plaques she wants and contact the site. Well now she was happy with her bronze address plaques..As long as you have the money, its now that easy to search for a product.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Natural remedies sure health

I personally believe in natural remedies which ensure the health of our body.

The life and our body that had live for so long had been accustomed to ready made or processed foods that were not beneficial to our system. I had this belief long before a friend of mine in my teen age years shared to me their lifestyle of eating only natural foods, organic and herbal. Their practises also in terms of healing are all natural and they dont take drugs. Later i found out that his father was a naturapathic doctor.

Since then i see to it that i stick to respecting the natural needs of my body to make sure i maintain its health. That's where i stumbled upon this Herbal City LLC a site that sells worlds finest herbal products and 90% of their products cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

There latest products are for those people on the go and for those lacking or feeling weak , these are party enhancers , k6 herbal incense and spiritual powders. The world is facing another stressful year because of inflation and deflation. There is a need to strengthen more of our body and make it healthy because we wiil be confronting more turbulent years that requires us to have more strength and face this challenges, so we should take in natural or organic foods and believe in natural remedies to make sure our health.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jobs Hard to Find

When i came here in Canada in 2005  i was inspired to work and had been very active and focused on my job as a caregiver. I love the work of caring for the children and adult. The job is really not that hard, its just like your home taking care of your children but the difference is working and then being paid.

After my contract in three years , i decided to change my job and try to find one being a caregiver or just any job. It took me almost a month to find a job and all i could be accomodated was doing manual job. Its really that hard to find other jobs except for my background as a caregiver.

But my doing manual jobs had forced my body to be more weaker and also because of my age, i am already 60. I was influenced by my friend to work with Canada Post , i believe i can do that job like a postman.  But surfing the site and looking for possible position , there was none available at the moment and i was surprised that Canada Post is already selling playstation 3. and other stuff on their websites. Its not only for personal used but as well as for business.

But clicking on the careers button , i found out the letter carrier position where i could apply but reading all the requirements there were items that i think i would not be accepted like driver experience for 3 years, experienced with the public and some other items.

I was back to where i have to started to look again for what is available that is best fitted for my qualification. The present financial crisis is really being felt even in Canada.