Thursday, May 26, 2011

Special treatment in the Philippine Penitentiary

ex governor leviste
   This man is Ex- Gov. Antonio Leviste  of Batangas who was sentenced and   jailed at the National Penitentiary in  Muntinlupa  for murder but was caught by the National Bureau of Investigation three days ago. He was apprehended by  the NBI from a tip that  he is living a free life and not in  his cell , living his sentenced.

So why he was able to do this , i supposed there are “special  treatment  in the
Philippine Penintentiary” , if there was none then he could not do this . He was able to went out of his cell and the compound of the National Bilibid Prison without a permit and even without a guard.

What does it mean when prisoners  like Antonio Leviste can go out of his living cell? It means  Justice in the national penitentiary  where hard earned criminals are jailed are not  equal.  So if this guy an ex-governor and has money  could play with justice ,   it is not hard to think that there are  more affluent  criminals who could also be given a  special treatment in the Philippine Penitentiary. And corruption of  government of public officials is the National Penitentiary is again matters.

Now with the present government of Pres. Noynoy Aquino his sense of respect for law and justice is again at stake because his appointee Ernesto Diokno head of the National Bilibid Prison had the command and responsibility for this case.