Saturday, September 19, 2009

2010 Election in the Philippines Most Awaited

Election 2010 in the Philippines is what the majority of the Filipino peoples most awaited part of a countrys history. They are already tired and fed up of the present administrations cover ups on so many ill gotten wealth issues, the latest is about Cong. Mikey Arroyo (son of President Gloria Arroyo) undeclared and suspiciously increased wealth in so short span of a few years.

In March 2009 , i started an event blog in , the event was called “2010 Philippine Election ,New Hope “. The main mission of this event blog was to come up with members on all Filipinos to utilize the blog event to put comments , blogs and any means utilizing the web or internet to unite all filipinos whether in the country or outside of the Philippines for the cause of pushing the election. It is not campaigning for any candidate , its only a cause of pushing a real , genuine election for the Philippines on May 10 , 2010.

I called it “New Hope “ since it is being rumored that there wont be election or should there be an election it would be an “election” in line with the “Constitutional Change” which was a approved railroaded by administration congressman.

Now its September , six months after i had organized this event and it looks like there would really be an election , the Administration had already chosen Gilberto Duavit as an administration candidate for the Presidency and for the Opposition , Sen. Noynoy Aquino would be the “ NEW HOPE” for a new Presidency for the Filipino People. Events after death of former President Cory Aquino and her burial showed the love of the Filipino people for “Cory” and these had been the reason why “Noynoy” for President was read by politicians.

It is still eight months before the election , lots of things will still happen . We dont know what is the plan for the election of the administration. So we still have a lot of works to do , is one move that we are doing so bloggers let us unite , join our group and push for a genuine election here is our web address ;

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