Thursday, March 27, 2008

GMA should not receive Holy Communion

This was the words spoken by Bishop Oscar Cruz in one of his interviews regarding the recent decision of the supreme court on the petition of Secretary Neri's witnessing in the senate. I agree with the Bishop who was one of the staunch critic of GMA. He was the bishop who expose the continous "Jueteng"in the Philippines, an illegal two number game prominent especially in the home province of Arroyo family.

Communion is a practise of the Roman Catholic Church for his members. It is a sign of Christ grace for the worshippers who had sinned. But before a communion is given to any catholic member, a confession for all the sins committed by an individual must had been confessed to a priest. But according to Bishop Cruz, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has not confessed and does not deserve to have a communion. The media had always display GMA kneeling, praying and receiving a communion. A kind of hypocrisy and she had the nerve to show it.

Confession is what Gloria Macapagal Arroyo must do to have a communion. What i understand by this is she must confessed not only to the priest but to the whole nation because she has betrayed the trust of the people which she is indebted. Her regime is full of sin's before the people. Since her "power grab" from the Erap administration her administration had already committed sins against the trust of people who put her in power and continuously smirched her reputation with scandals, anomalies, corruption and treachery.

The Catholic church must provide a discipline to their members and they should follow what Bishop Cruz has suggested. Though i believe other Bishops will not follow Bishop Cruz because its evident that other Bishops are in favor of GMA. I believe on the union of body and soul. Whatever the individual is doing on this life , should be the basis for man's accounting of his or her good deeds or bad deeds.

Atty. Macalintal , one of the lawyers in Comelec stated that "Priest duty is to give communion to members of the Catholic church , it is not the problem of the priest if the one receiving the communion is a sinner or not." This means that you could commit sins and receive communion anyway the people will not see if you are punished or not. So if GMA is a sinner , let it be anyway its her soul not ours. So it's an excuse to commit crimes, then confessed and receive communion.
So its also a cover up , to portray in media your pious and the sin of an individual is not anybody's concern. Its only for god and the individual concern and not for anybody else.

I dont agree with this, we are on earth and i believe this is God's kingdom material or spiritual and there supposed to be standards for a civil society. Like the reaction of Atty. Macalintal the son of GMA , congressman Arroyo of Pampanga stated that "criminals who are sinners are given communion why should her mother be deprived of the practise." I think he is right , his mother is also a sinner and should be given communion. But he forget to mentioned that her mother should confessed to the people the sins she has committed against the people.

We could not see or determine the judgement of God , what we could see are the goodness and the bad sins agains humanity on earth and we are guided with good deeds of religion not only for the soul but also for judging leaders based on what they are doing for humanity or people.

Supreme Court decision favors Neri's Petition

The influence of the GMA is seen again in the recent decision of the Supreme Court. Sec. Neri could not be questioned on three issues pertaining on discussions of Neri with the President. The majority who sided with Neri's petition are all appointed by the President so its not hard to determine why they decided siding with Neri. Its a favor they gave for GMA for their position. The chief of the Supreme Court Puno was dismayed by the decision , they are only three justices who did not vote in favor of the Neri's petition.

Likewise , the senators were not happy with the decision. Senator's Cayetano and Villar consulted Father Joaquin Bernas a constitutionalist and he said the decision of court would probably result to a constitutional crisis. The senator look at the decision as encroaching on the rights of the senate to investigate for the purpose of making laws. What happened now would be tantamount to handcupping the senate to investigate anomalies in government because the executive privilege would be the good excuse and it also means letting corruption to go on.

Jun Lozada also did not like the decision of the supreme court , for him the issues on his abduction is not being covered by the media anymore because they say its an old issue. The issue of anomalies in government is being tied on technicalities like on the decision of the supreme court. It is not concern on the essence of getting on the truth but had to misled on going after the truth. For the government its their working game , settling the issue on their own rules . I think the people should assert more for their right to find the truth and no matter how it takes, there should be no turning back. Its sad to note that in this midst of struggle former President Cory Aquino got cancer but she had proven to the nation, in spite of her condition she spent her lot with the people pursuing a just cause. Its the kind of people we should emulate and we should pray for her.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The whole Roman Catholic Christians of the world had observe the Holy Week. In the Philippines which is predominantly Christian Catholic observe the tradition in many ways. The religious or devotees follows the Catholic dogma by observing the Holy Week starting with Ash Wednesday , Palm sunday, holy thursday, friday and Easter Sunday. The whole holy week is an observance of the sacrifices of Christ, from Judas betrayal of his master, to the judgement of King Herod, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ. The whole sacrifice of Jesus dying in the cross meant to redeemed man's sin of his soul and the resurrecion of Jesus after his death meant that there is life after death. Those who had not come to Jesus and confessed his sin will not inherit heaven.

While devotees went to churches, prayed and did their duty as a catholic, there were many who had gone to the provinces for vacation. Some went to swimming in private pools , beaches, parks ,malls other public places or just stayed home. It's a time for relaxation, meeting of relatives and not thinking of Jun Lozada and Arroyo government. There were many who also went to places where "fanatics" are sacrificing by means of people being tied and nailed to the cross. Some are punishing their bodies with sticks which they believe will take away their sins or they do it as sacrifice for their ailment or for their sick love ones.

It seems that the storm has relatively calm down , the protest against the Arroyo regime has dwindle, though there were reports of Jun Lozada going around and probably leaders of anti Arroyo groups are in the provinces relaying or explaining to people what was goin on with the struggle for truth . While the first family is happily enjoying the cold breeze of Baguio after the long hot storm against her regime.

Reflections on the state of our country

Our country the Philippines is still a very poor country and our leaders particularly Pres. GMA is not doing his responsibility to the people. We have leaders that had openly had no moral authority to govern. We have leaders who openly cover up the events that had happened to Jun Lozada and twisted the facts of his abduction. We have a leader who on the time of her grabbing of power through a syndicated method had used "People Power" to fool the people that she was a sincere leader that would heed to the needs and demands of the people. She fooled the people not one's but many times. And we have a government of greedy people who cahoots with these leaders for money and power. We have a government who treat the structure as their own kingdom and would fight to the end to preserve it.

It was like there are many "Judases" now in government who for a few silver coins had to betray their master for money and power, who cover up anomalies and corruption against the truth. We have a people who just like "Christ" are now being persecuted, malign, frustrated and just like "being crucified". We also have priest who remains to mislead the people about the truth and the so called separation of sprituality with man's political well being so they still align themselves with the Arroyo government, if not don't associate with the "Gloria Resign movements".They also belong to the "Judases" who wants to maintain the status quo because of government financial support to their churches.

Religion should be serving not only the spiritual needs of man but as well as his political well being. Religion should not be an "opium of the people". Opium desentized sensitivity. "Religion" must not remain to be an excuse or mislead the believer. There are church leaders who accepts that man as a political well being and man's material needs is not separated from his soul. So they are openly blaming or critizing GMA for the sins of her government.

But on the other hand other church leaders who takes the position of the separation of man's soul and material well being , has the excuse of not meddling with peoples political matters. And this position is akin to the Arroyo government. So it is using these church leaders for her own benefit, just like she was able to convince "bishops" not to call for Gloria Resign and this divided the people.

The church and its religion is a moving force to reckon with especially in the Philippines which is dominantly Catholic Christian. But its teachings or doctrine should not hamper the move for people for find the rightful leaders in government it deserves.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pacquiao gave RP honor, GMA is a dishonor

It was really a joyfull event and worth celebrating the winning of Manny Pacquiao in the last fight with Juan Manuel Marquez at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday March 15. Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacman Pacquiao is now the WBC Super Featherweight Champion of the world!

Manny Pacquiao won the world title from Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez via a split decision, emphasized by a knockdown in third round and a charge in the latter rounds of the match to win by split decision. Tom
Miller scored it 114-113 and Dwayne Ford had it 115-112 both for The Pacman, while Jerry Roth had it 115-112 for Juan Manuel Marquez.

This is Manny’s seventh fight in a row - improved to 20-1 since 1999, with his only loss in a 2005 decision to another Mexican, Erik Morales. In that same span, Juan Manuel Marquez has lost only twice, the other time in 2006 to Chris John of Indonesia. The win improves The Pacman’s record to 46-3-2, while Marquez slid to 48-4.It's indeed a record in boxing history that such a man had given an honor to our country and much had to be admired and giving us Filipinos the pride in the whole world.

In the Philippines and maybe in other parts of the world the clock stop and everybody where pin down to watch the fight. In our country everybody the politicians , the common people , the military and even the rebels were attune to their television sets. In Manila and other provinces special big screen were put up just for the fight.

Truly Manny Pacquiao has proven his greatness not like our President she has put our country as a member of the most leading country in terms of corruption. Most popular in terms of a syndicated brand of leadership. Well known for being a liar and has perfected the art of divide and rule tactics. Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez has done their unfinished business while the people is still left with an unfinished business.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oust GMA Continuing ! Senate Gets Deeper

Its been another week and the struggle to oust GMA continues. I think the people and the people's organization should not stop until the president evil is out of the government together with her syndicate. They are really "kapalmuks" that's tagalog slang , what we mean is that they are really greedy and they have no more feelings, they are not disturbed and the worst part they not acting on demands of the people. The people are needing of "Truth" the real Truth ? And they don't respond, they stay away from telling the truth, they cover it with propaganda, cover up, divide the people , buy their confidence , used the legal means not to prove their right but to preserve their status and refrain for confronting the truth. And they even have the nerve of countering the peoples demand with their own propaganda , payed , forced or framed up crowds and they will really circumvent anything just to stay in power , not anymore about good governance and honor but more power and greed. Its really an evil scheme.

The people's action ;

1. Group of Magdalena numbering 10,000 march to protest against GMA in the International Celebration of Women

2. Students from PUP walk out of their classrooms to demand and protest their schools officials from going to Malacanang to show support for the president.

3. Students and Teachers from the University of the Philippines launch the "CORRUPTIONARY" a new kind of dictionary where "corrupt" languages could be found. The affair was graced by Jun Lozada.

4. Kamatuoran an aggrupation of religious groups from Lanao del Sur showed their protest against GMA .

5. ZTE- NBN Scandal proliferate on the worldwide internet .

6. FSGO , Former Senior Government Officials states they no longer trust Arroyo administration because its now in the center of a scandal and not doing anything.

7. March 14 was set for a new big rally against GMA to be led by the Youth and attended by militant groups, religious , politicians and other sectors .

Senate Gets Deeper ;

1. Senator Trillanes a jailed military senator requested the senate to investigate the Spratlys agreement and the joint seismic undertaking between Philippine government and China. The Senator believes agreement has a direct relation with the many loans being given to the Philippines by China especially the ZTE-Broadband Deal.

2. Witness Madriaga shows an email of witness Leo San Miguel to him describing how the kickback from the ZTE-NBN deal would be sub divided from the gang of four and the evil couple.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Aftermath of the Interfaith Rally

It has been a week since the massive protest or the Interfaith Rally and the actions of Malacanang has been almost the same. But we could see there are moves by the government which we determine to be new means of cover up, dividing the people on the issue and rule over it, threatening the ralliest , file cases on people telling the truth and every means to portray that the nation is going smoothly and the brand the peoples movements for seeking the truth as mere "destabilization" and politicking.

But do you think the people should cease to find the "Truth" about the abduction of Jun Lozada and the anomalies in the ZTE Broadband Deal?

What are these moves of the government in relation to the issues ;

1. The CBCP Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines, did not as a body call for the resignation of the President instead they put some demands to the President to address the issue of corruption in government, the primary issue was about the EO464. This is a privilege given by the President to her cabinet and other officials of government not to attend hearings like the Senate or invoke EO 464.
- GMA revoke the EO 464 as a result of the meeting with "chosen" members of the CBCPand it was conducted as a secret meeting. Why the secrecy and then execute a revocation of the executive order 464. Even if it was revoke by the president it is still a no guarantee that the truth will come out.

2. The matter of Secretary Neri , the primary witness about the ZTE Broadband anomaly is invoking this EO 464 . Neri submitted a petition to the supreme court to challenge his appearance in the senate. The supreme court decided and a compromise was suggessted by the supreme court to the senate. The suggesstion was that questions to Sec. Neri , could not be about what President and Neri had discussed in relation to the ZTE Broadband Deal.

- The senate did not take the compromise and would just settle for other witnesses about the ZTE Broadband Deal. They consider approving the compromise is a win win solution which undermines the integrity of the Senate.

3. The military and the police has again threaten ralliest that a supposed plot of terrorist is in the city , so ralliest could be a target. So we don't know if the threat is really from the terrorist.

4. A new group of former cabinet officials was formed in furtherance of finding the truth on anomalies specially the ZTE. There are former cabinet members and officials of government from the administration of Marcos. Aquino , Ramos and Erap. They also demanded the revocation of EO 464 and proposed dismissal of some officials. They gave GMA a week for her actions if not "its up for the people to decide ".

- the demands of the FSGO (Former Senior Government Officials) includes submission of Neri to the Senate, dismissal of some government officials involve in the ZTE Broadband Deal and abduction of Jun Lozada . All of these were turn down by the government.

5. First Gentleman showed up in the Ombudsman and request the ombudsman to dismissed his case because he is not a public official.

The people are already fed up and the clamor for GMA is no longer the issue, i think its more likely that the issue should be OUST GLORIA and not GLORIA RESIGN. There is no chance the GMA will resign and she will hold on to power no matter what. The moves of the people's organization to continuously pursue more protest and likewise Jun Lozada's plan to tour schools in the provinces to tell the truth on a province wide are more than needed . More organizations are being organize and more actions are in the offing, more communities will be reach, more witnesses will come out and more scandalous projects will be expose until the administration will deeply feel her governance is not needed.
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

President GMA not affected by the Inter faith Rally? 80,0000 people

When you are reading this on the headline what do you think a president should feel when she is being battered heavily with critisms of evil, corrupt, and all the bad words you could throw on her with in the media , the streets , offices and factories in the cities and even the provinces. Just what the media said , she's not affected (its what they want to portray the image of the President) a strong one. The president was not and is not bothered with the exposition of Jun Lozada, the rallies, the noise barrages after the testimonies , And the last Interfaith rally which draw out a crowd of around 80,000 people shouting GLORIA RESIGN. And even in the blogsphere a blogswarm also condemn her but she was not affected.

Contrary , there was some videos and news in the early morning of February 29 , the day of the Interfaith rally that , she was with a group of priest numbering around ten to fifteen all imported from her native provinces . In the video she was in the center and the priest are all over her and having a pray over . Praying is what there doing , praying for her to overcome the crisis she is facing now with her administration.

But does it not look over , over dramatic a big number of priest all for her alone , a special one , for me it looks like its an "exorcism"because the people are calling him evil and the priest are taking it out the evil within the president..What do you think??

Also after the "pray over" the president went to Camp Crame and whats the news , she just drop bye . But the premises was restricted and heavily guarded and no media was permitted to enter . Maybe they are meeting , of course they are meeting and what the media also gathered, they are talking about about the floods in Bicol. A meeting about the floods..?? and no media allowed with all the restrictions ..what the heck..all excuses.

And what about the preparations on the entrances to Malacanang the seat of power of government in Manila. The front and sides of the Malacanang Office was covered with big container vans, it looks like the pier was transferred in Malacanang. Is this not being affected ? And mind you , Malacanang press said it was just a routine securiy. The entrance to Manila from the North and the South was filled with soldiers and police to guard against ralliest, though they say they are just looking for guns because they have an intelligence report that there was a plot to assasinate the president , another stereo type gimmick .

They are trying to cover up everything, pretend its just an ordinary day for the president and the woman president shown being a pious person with photos kneeling with rosary, but there' s a majority of priest and bishops also praying? the anti- Arroyo priest , bishops , nuns and religious groups . Whom do you think WILL HAVE THE MERCY FROM THE LORD ? . Is it the President or the prayer of the People , 80,000 shouting for her to RESIGN.

The Inter faith rally had been successful and peaceful. The people have voice out the sentiments they felt with the aborted abduction of Jun Lozada and the " mother of all corruption testimonies ". The inter faith rally has been proven , a line has been drawn against the perpetrators of corruption and the people. Though the president was not oust , the over all rally for seeking the truth has achieve success in drawing out a huge number of people in raising a loud voice for GMA to hear . What will happen sooner, a thousand more ? if not a million? until she resigns her post or a another coup that will surely unseat her . She should not wait more for that time , she should resign immediately .... GLORIA RESIGN ,, Mabuhay to All Filipinos..