Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley (the runaway, pusher)

Congratulations To Manny Pacquiao for another victory fight last night. He had proven again that he is the worlds greatest fighter in this time. And i am proud of him and proud being a filipino , it had proven to the world that best fighters comes from the Philippines.  Hoooray !!!!!!!!Hooray!!!!!!!! Mabuhay si Manny , Mabuhay ang Pinoy !!!!!

manny pacquiao
Though the fight was not that exciting , because there were not much exchange of blows. More comes from Manny Pacquiao and not from Shane Mosley . Shane Mosley was really hurt in the third round when he was knockdown by Pacquiao and from that on , what he did was assure himself not to be hurt anymore , he became “ a runner” , (running away from Pacquiao) and does not punch so much , he became a “pusher” , he pushed Pacquiao to escape the punches.

Analysis from the expert says that the kind of blows shown by Pacquiao was not the same blows he gave with Margarito . From the fight itself Pacquiao did not really showed his powerful punches, except from the third round.  But in his invterview after the fight he explain that he was affected by “cramps” on his legs , that is why he was not on his full power.  Mosley also after the fight said  he had some pain on his foot .
Whatever happened ,  What matters is   that Pacquiao won the fight . Again , MABUHAY !!!
And for you Pacquiao here is a good song .