Friday, May 13, 2011

Friend of mine watch Pacquiao Fight

A filipino friend of mine living in Las Vegas told me that he was able to watch the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight but  he did not went to buy his ticket  at the counter of the MGM Grand . I know that all tickets were sold out  and no where you could  buy a ticket. He told me his secret , he bought the ticket the ticket  at

He told me  that this site is a broker of ticket events that gives you premium seating to events without a need to stand in line and you can choose where you want to seat.  First time i heard about this broker.

I have learned from him that had all the first class event on their list  as well as the venues.

These are some of the events and the tickets  which are on their list Cirque Du Soleil TicketsThe Lion King Tickets , James Taylor Tickets , Tim McGraw Tickets and U2 Concert Tickets. These are all first class events and having the first hand to have advanced ticket for this affair is a winner.

Wow , i am sure a lot of people will prepare , it saves you time just a click away or a phone call and you are sure of your attendance to your favorite event.  Philippines does not have this kind of broker i dont know if there is that such a kind of site.