Sunday, May 15, 2011

Looking for a new wear

Aside from having some summer events here in Canada i was planning to have my 30 days vacation in the Philippines. Since it is summer now on my country, i had to look for a good summer wear. I also need to buy something for my loving wife. So i look first online and i found some medical scubs ,  which is fashionable. See the look ;


If i had these scrub apparel for me , my wife should also have it.

Do you think  my wife will like this ?, i am sure she will love it.

Well they also have other other apparels, like tshirts , medical scrubs,medical uniforms, jackets, accesories and also for children.

If you also like to have a kind of scrub hat for summer and be unique  and fashionable visit this site  so you know all the details about the new trend in fashion use scrub apparel.