Thursday, July 24, 2008

Site in the No 1 spot

Yes every webmaster wants his site to be in the No. 1 spot of the search engine particularly on the three (3) Big search engine . Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search. In my previous article on basic SEO , Flipantasticweb discuss the how to's on knowing what your blog is all about , putting the right Title , meta keyword , description and keywords .

This discussions came about when I had my site evaluated by stomper net and i had some lessons . Now i have experienced they were right , knowing your site , putting the right Title , meta description and meta keywords would surely land you on the no. 1 spot of the search engine. Provided you religiously follow their recommendations , they are the expert . Though this is just but one of the concerns every webmaster is taking into consideration. But having a no. 1 spot is a sure thing that you would get visitors if not on the date it was published but there will be a time , readers will surf on your site.

Here's some images of my articles landing on the No. 1 spot. ;




If you would notice on the Top of my blogsite , I had change the description in the Title of what the blog is all about. Well its what I know how my site should be . When I post on my blogs I see to it that the Title is a good title for the article that will surely be crawled by the robots of search engine Yahoo and Google. With MSN live search we know that it is not very much concentrating on SERPS.

How do you determine that it will be surely be crawled by the robots. One thing that I am using is try to search on the Title that you prepare and surely you will get results. But most of all , the content of the article should be a good article that would compel readers or visitors to click and look what it is all about.

Well as you see the article Web 2 upgrade , This is the latest have reached the top no 1 spot of Google and Yahoo.

So if you want to be on the No 1 spot , do the SEO and try to study your titles , descriptions and meta keywords .

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Web 2 This is the Latest

Ok , this the latest the Web 2 upgrade named Buzzbot . It would be probably be known as such. It is a networking platform with social and economic functionalities packaged into one technology and site . It has transcended the flat web 1.0 and has improved the Web 2.0 where functionalities such chatting, emails , uploading pictures and videos , blogging are distinct or a combination that could be found in a web site .

But what makes it different with other sites , is really the Buzzbot which is its niche . It is a combination of a site and a software , the Buzzbot will connect the site to any site in the worldwide web . With the Buzzbot a new level of activity and interaction transpire between sites , this has never been done before and only this time of the century. I am not a tech man or expert but that is how I see and imagine the magnitude of what this creation will be in the near future . The functionalities of integration, connection , socialization and presentation all in one site.

This will surely change how the networking should be and will really change how the use of the internet would be . It would be a worldwide phenomena , imagine that a worlwide world would be connected in one technology . How big will that be and what would be the implications for the world society in terms of social integration and economy. The world will of a sudden become small with Buzzbot.

And now the LATEST developments on the company

It is now on its two weeks from the date it was launched , BJ and Robert the father and son team predicted they could reach a membership total of half a million in August 2008 , the time for BETA tag to be taken out . Presently Buzzbot have a membership of more 100,000 + since its launching which was a pre-build registration for only two (2) months., its not far to 500,000 new members target, given that each 100 thousand members will refer just 2 individuals or site.

What was expected on a million give away on the day of the launched was now a reality , it was announced last Thursday July 10, 2008 weekly members call conference .The top 10 members who have recruited big number of membership and corresponding $ dollar amount and shares . Two referrals = 1 share = $22.57 , so for the top one Mischa Witte she has a share of 1117 recruits, the amount equivalent in dollars = $26,564.89 , well not so bad for a work for only two months .



Is there any site that would be giving this amount for only two (2) months . It was very worthy . So with this bonus on the pre-build come August , all of the members that had referrals of two which is one share will get their money after the Tag Beta is taken out and a more lucrative plan commission would be installed.

What makes this Buzzbot web 2.0 upgrade appealing or we may say its compelling and why should you be a member;

1. I think majority in the internet world would like to do business and earn money and social integration would only be secondary. So it is a tool, a platform for any individual to make use of the Buzzbot. It would be a huge source of contacts for business, individuals and people and a good platform for sharing and socializing with friends, acquaintance and families .

2. Buzzbot software is FREE , it was created by Robert Klunz. Imagine if it was not free he could be a billionaire but from his intention of giving it free he wants probably be written in history .

3. Being a member you are surely a part of the company and you have a share of income. You will not be selling anything because the software Buzzbot is not for sale , you will only have to share it with any webmaster or site . Robert call the Buzzbot as a technology driven site and not an income driven one. And with referrals that you got and actively used the Buzzbot you'll have your earnings . Just imagine how many websites in the whole wide world eco system.

4. Probably on its early stage , sharing or informing the public about the Buzzbot Web 2.0 upgrade you have to work it out ,but I think there would come a time that you dont have to share it , they will got for it and you probably would not know it has already flooded the wide world internet community . So the earlier you join the better .

5. The intricacies on the use of the Buzzbot would still have to be discovered but the basics are there integrating , communicating , presenting and enjoyment . More would be discovered of its uniqueness and its effects on the internet world . As far as I can imagine , I am seeing that there would be duplication , its just an idea because of the capacity that would be joining just one site , I dont know how it could hold on ..This would be like a tsunami ........

See for your self and comment , You want to see more inside ok ;

The most common social networking functionalities is within Buzzbot like chatting, sending messages, video and picture uploading , blogging and others could be found here but the uniqueness in Buzzbot is its one package . But the most controversial is how to link with other websites . In order for you to contact and interact with other sites is for the sites you target to be in the platform so , the webmaster owner of the site should download the software , which is the Buzzbot. So if the website is on the platform there you could conduct the interaction and connectivity works. At the moment the Buzzbot could give comments , rank, put a blog on the site being target but there is no connectivity the permission from the owner and the software is needed for the interaction.

Here is the picture of the Buzzbot ;


With the picture you could see the inside of the Buzzbot inside. There will be interaction between the site and any webmaster because if a website has already download the software then the he could Flip the switch for the connectivity . Since he has the software on his/ her site , on the Buzzbot platform he/she could see the comments , blogs and the rate about his/her site. So far this is what is expected of the Buzzbot . At this moment it is still in Beta and its not functional yet but on August you could taste what Flipping on any site with Buzzbot would mean. So see you on Buzzbot, its here

Friday, July 4, 2008

New Web2.0 upgrade an innovation, its here

Its now real the new web2.0 upgrade has been launched it is truly an innovation . I have not seen any website with this kind that combine the many functionalities of networking you want to see in one site and more are coming.

I tried to follow on these developments , as a follow up on my last article. I did not know that it would really happened . On the First of July which is supposed to be the launching date of Web 2.0 upgrade, I could not find their site. Its gone and all I could log on was about their promotion on several websites. And a lot of other websites and forum are saying it is a scam and some have written blogs that the owner was grounded. Below is a sample of an article about the owner Robert.


Re: New Scam

Hello ,

The account holder Robert Kuntz has been removed from our clients. His server ( has been taken off-line and we will not accept any business from Mr. Kuntz. Offending sites that were on his server includes:

We apologize for the inconveniences these offending sites have caused.

Network Security Operations Center,

I dont know if these were true , but this probably was read by other webmasters and have spread in some part of the blogosphere .

But come July 3, 2008 an email has arrived and WOW , its the news of the launching date that happened on July 1, 2008 but had not been widely announced because of hackers . There were really hackers and spoilers that does not want Web 2.0 upgrade to do its launching. It was now successful as the email had described it . And its not TRUE that Robert is a scammer and the y Web 2.0 upgrade cannot be done. , HE HAD MAKE IT RUN ... WEB 2.0 UPGRADE IS NOW ALIVE ...


What is buzzbot Web 2.0 upgrade , in actuality ?

As you can see with this image of the inside of Buzzbot Web2upgrade its a networking site that you could do your blogging, log on events , be a member of Clubs and do your chatting with friends and families . You can also do searching for the members inside the Buzzbot , upload music , videos , answer in the polls and participate in the forums. As you can see its the many functionalities within one site , which you cannot see in any other sites in the net.

And the other special features of this Buzzbot is the software that you can download . This software allows you to type in the Buzzbot browser any website and that will have Social Networking features such as chat , blogs comments , site ratings and more. This will really upgrade the net with a click of a button.

Also one the best feature of the Buzzbot Web 2.0 upgrade is your chance to have a share with the company , any referral of two will constitute one share. What are you waiting for , go to the site and get it here , ITS FREE ... This is really FANTASTIC it is not a dream that they could master a membership of a million in such a short time ..