Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A challenge offer , He’ll pay you $1000

As bloggers we are always confronted and see hundreds of offers on the web.  So  we tried to choose and decide if we still can have time to accomodate this offers. This is a challenge offer, he will pay you $1000 if you did not earn.

This offer  i accept i believe  could help me on my finances and i think it would also help a lot of bloggers and my co-filipino bloggers. No out of pocket , a challenge on  your writing skills and a good experience. This is about 0mlm.com a site that offers free five (5) sites which will be launching on July 4, 2011. The offered site is about entertainment, dating site,voucher site, finance and magic trick one. All would be ready for sale, all you have to do is fill its contents and work for traffic and affiliates up to 5 levels deep.


I believe as of the moment the offer of David Ronald  the owner who had a bad experienced with MLM ,   wants to prove that his bad experienced could turn into good one and an earning one. He even challenge would be members “that if you will not earn” he would pay you $1000 if  you did not earn.

I belong to a blogger’s community and i know many of you out there especially my filipino co-bloggers need to earn and are struggling. You are all experienced in writing articles and this is peanuts.  Will you take this challenge? No money from your pocket , he will pay you out $1000 if you dont earn. Just click on the banner , visit the site and if you like it join in. See you inside.