Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer time, plans and preparations

I am sure many had missed my updates on my blog, it was some sort of vacation not the real sense but not vacation as  not working on your job  but there’s vacancy on my blogs.  This time i really had to catch up with my writings.

Its already summertime and surely many likes to go and do some happenings in summer. I with my relatives here in Canada are already discussing some plans and preparations for the coming summer. How i wish i am in the Philippines , i love summertime in my county . But since i am not there i had to enjoy my time here . But one very important thing that had to be considered , the very most important , preparing the reliability and efficiency  of the car that had to be used in going to the place you want to go.

And for this i considered the experience of my friend . He had suggest to me to consult because he had some good experienced with this company and he highly recommend this before going to any repair shop.

What this site  is offering  is an unbiased estimates for any repairs, user ratings and reviews of shops for any kind of car you are using. It can handle any kind of cars and it gives you ratings and reviews on any shop you want to go . So is really reliable.  

I trust my friend about cars but when i consulted site , i found out that they are not ready for Canadian location at the moment. But surely i will saved this tip from a best friend. For my friends in the US , i am sure they already know this site. I hope they also have there services in the Philippines .