Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring and summer construction work

Nice weather spring and summer , the best season i like. Yes spring and summer best time for construction work.  Not like in the Philippines everytime is always time for construction whether its inside and outside houses and buildings except when its rainy season.

Here in Canada, my sister is planning to have some renovations on her house . She plans to replace wornout drywalls, repair of doors, paintings, and install wood  laminated floorings.  She will not get professionals because its expensive so , he would only get me and my brother in law to do the job.

Preparations are needed to start the work. I told him that since there is a family leaving in the basement, the work should be scheduled by phases, and one important thing is crowd control. It is hard to work in a place if there are other people roaming around. It is also needed to divide the area where to work and the family living in the area to do their daily routine. So  we also have to used stanchions  or dividing line or post  to separate the working area with the passing space for people to walk on. 

There must also a place for the raw materials to be used so as not  to be mixed with  worn items taken out from walls and floorings. A barricades or a tent had be used to for the purchased item not to mix with torn items and protect it from sunlight or rain outside of the house. A big garbage bin is necessary for the waste materials to be thrown out of the construction..

She acknowledge these recommendations are important for the success of the project but also one important aspect are the designs and the kind of materials she will be buying and of course the tools needed in the small construction.  We hope to finished the job this summer.