Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is the US dollar nearing its collapse ?

An interesting and scary scenarios about the colllapse of US dollar is on the news . This is not only a concern of governments , nations but as well people of the whole world because every currencies in the world are tied up  with the US dollar. I only got interested with this topic when i saw a title in Yahoo news “

ANALYSIS: Why Canadians should care about a U.S. debt default

Its a further slowdown of economies of the world even Canada because third quarter of trade of Canada is with the US. Further studying and researching on this US dollar collapse , i found this article of Mike Dillard an internet marketer who dont see his economic future in the US and had already migrate to another country. Here is what i found on his site “elevation group” , a video he also found on Youtube portraying the end of US dollar..Watch the video”

As you have watched , it portrays the downfall of the US dollar. What will happen and what preparations are needed for people to meet this challenge.  One comment on the video would probably the best alternative .”

“Great synopsis of what is happening. Simple and very much hand-holding for those who have no clue what is really happening with our economy. I've been a member of the EVG group since December, I have learned so much and been preparing for the impending time when things collapse. I don't see an answer to our problem without hitting the reset button. I heard so many theories, but everyone of them has holes and will keep us on the same path. It is from the education that we received in college and it has taken me many years to flush that and learn different ways. I even tried to change the system within as Mayor and that had so many roadblocks that it was impossible without having a law suit against me. Now I am building my corporation and other business ventures to protect my family in the future. My savings is placed in silver, which is getting harder and harder to buy. There is a long back order on silver so it is only a matter of time for that to skyrocket upwards as a scarce commodity.”

I do think that to prepare for this “economic armageddon” people have to invest in gold and silver which had proven in history to be worthy and the value is continuosly getting higher and scarcer. i also found this site to be worthy to be consider for your investment. This site will handle your inquiry about gold and silver , you  could even convert your IRA to gold. Visit this site 

Mike dillard  also was weary because of an information about gold and silver in the US..This came from an email from his friend Paul

“But what really has me thinking about my family’s future, is an email I received two days ago from my financial advisor Paul…

“Mike, I have Mark Seale, a local Austin Lobbyist joining me on the show this week. He has great up-to-date insider track on what is happening on the hill. Did you know that they are trying to bury a new law within the housing bill requiring all US citizens to get a license to purchase any quantity of Gold and Silver?”

I am not so familiar with the laws of the US but this really is scary people will not have a chance to invest on gold and silver if these will be pass into law. So its really a must for people in the US to hurry up and get your gold into a safe depository or invest now before its too late , here is the site again for your guidance

Friday, July 22, 2011

Corruption cases of the former govt discovered

The first year of President Noynoy Aquino is showing the primary program being implemented , that is getting rid of corruption in government.  The present administration believes that with this programs , those who corrupted will be punished and the corrupt money should be returned to the government.

This primary program was strategic in the sense that doing this thrust ranks the administration with good credit ratings from other countries especially US and loan agencies . I also presume that a lot of people want to know the real truth about the many cases of corruption and anomalies during the former administration of President Gloria Arroyo. The people of the Philippines have been denied of the truth .

These are the cases being investigated by the senate in aid of legislation ;

1. Fertilizer fund scam – fertilizer fund that was not given to the farmers but diverted into election fund

2. AFP corruption cases ; a certain Colonel Rabusa a whistle blower who implicated generals who had
benefited from some funds of the military

3.  PCSO misused of Funds  - issue about bishops of Catholic Bishop of the Philippines given luxury cars . issues on inteligence fund, issues of funds used for election purposes and others

New development is surfacing now , that are leading to most famous corrupt and fake President Gloria Arroyo.  Governor Zaldy Ampatuan who was charged with multiple murder in Mindanao is now shouting out  Gloria Arroyo as the mastermind in the fake election result favoring camps of President Arroyo . A comelec official Beedol now surfacing and implicating President Gloria Arroyo in the manipulation of the election in 2004 and 2007.

With these scenarios , it is just befitting to know the real truth and punished who were involved in corruption and looting of the governments money.  This is the first time in the history if this succeeds  that top government officials willl be punished for corruption.  But on the other hand , there are other issues of poverty, rising prices and employment that has to be given solution by the present administration. And these also cannot wait..

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pinoy’s first year as President

        noynoy                                                                                              President Noynoy Aquino had finished his first year in office and the filipino people will assess what he had done for the country. My opinion is coming only from a distant place, based on the news and solicited from friends and relatives.

Before the presidential election i organize a group “bloggers unite”and the primary aim was to mobilize all bloggers and filipinos both abroad and in the country to see to it that there would be election , not supporting any  candidate . It was only for the purpose that election must be held to change President Arroyo who on those times were rumored to make the election a failure. I was able to mobilize almost 50 members and the objective was reached. 

Luckily the people choose President Noynoy who was favored and elected  because of the people’s anger for Arroyo and the people’s sentiment from the death of her mother former President Cory Aquino. If you analyzed what i said it is a vote of sentiment, not a choice for any requirement of what a president should be given the countrys poor economy and corrupt administration. There was no plans for Noynoy to run as president , it was his running mate Sen. Mar Roxas .

So he won and the first year had passed. The theme of his campaign was focused more on “Getting rid of corruption”.  It is “Kung walang korup, walang mahirap”  The tone sounds if you dont have corrupt officials in government then there will be progress or there will be no more poor people. He is also saying that his government would take the  right path “ matuwid na daan”, but taking the right path is still vaque and had to be seen on what  he had done in “taking the right path.

Since the main focus of his program is “getting rid of corruption” i would just give some focus on this and say that he is heading towards that direction. These are some of what i know that he had accomplished;

1. There were a lot of income tax deliquents who were charged including big time politicians like Cong. Mike Arroyo. The  the military comptroller Carlos Garcia’s will now be tried again for plunder.

2. Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez was forced to resign, she is being accused of delaying many corrupt cases of government officials related to the former president.

3. There were also two gentlemen from the Ombudsman who were dismissed because of charge of neglect of duty in sitting down the case of hostage man Rolando Mendoza.

There are many cases of government officials that Pinoy will go after but these will still have to be tried and justice system in the Philippines takes a long time.  But he had started with big time government officials and probably the former President will be tried.

In my own point of view “getting rid of corrupt officials in government” is one good step but i am hoping this will give lessons to others in government not to corrupt . My doubt is that the system of corruption in the Philippines is already “part of a rotten system” and its historical since the time of Spaniards. With the present infrastructure of government , there is corruption from the lower level of barangay to the highest.  The path that Pres. Noynoy will be treading with only be a symbol and the substance will still had to be seen in the long run , six years of his term i would say would not be enough to change corruption in government.

It will be a historical struggle to rid the government of corruption. This had always been the campaign slogan of any politician. I wish there would be “significant changes” with the Presidents program. Because if nobody will be penalize for corruption then also the poor will remain poor, which just makes the slogan “walang korap, walang mahirap’ useless.