Friday, August 12, 2011

Philippines beset with denque problem

Its very alarming that  a lot of children are being hosptalized now this rainy season because of denque problem. To date there are 6000 cases of denque in the whole Philippines and majority of these are in Metro Manila. Manila is the capital city and a lot of cases came from Quezon City a part of Metro Manila.

Every rainy season this denque problems arise and had not been eradicated. And compounding to this problem  poor children of depressed families  are the common prey to this menace. They dont have money to pay for their hospitalization . And they are now resorting to paying the hospital with a promissory note and any valuable belongings they could provide with the government institutions.   Families cannot afford to go the private hospitals . Its a good thing that a new ruling from the Secretary of Health had been disseminated not to accept this valuables from sicked families.

Eradicating the denque before it becomes an epidemic  should be done before the onset of rainy season. In my experience as a barangay chairman , i see to it that the community should be clean not only before the rainy season but everyday.  And the goverment cannot do this alone , the residents in a community should join forces to fight this denque and maintain the cleanliness within their own homes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Temporary forget financial crisis

Its known  now all over the world a new financial crisis is looming the world because of the US low credit rating.  If you are in the US its good to prepare for this crisis,  think it over and plan. But before you do that its good to think positive  , enjoy and bring yourself and the family to a show that you love. Go to a theater, a sports event, and or concerts.

There is a  great  site to consult and buy any ticket for your prepared event like Marco Antonio Solis ticket, Jennifer Lopez  ticket, Luis Miguel ticket, Vicente Fernandez ticket, and Enrique Iglesias ticket. I am sure you will enjoy this shows and temporary forget the financial crisis you will be facing. 

Enjoying your time makes you more positive and ready to think of options and alternative. Crisis in the past had teach us lessons and we should learned from it.