Sunday, May 22, 2011

Specialty Merchandise Corporation as i know

I stumbled an article stating that SMC is a scam company? I can’t believe it?  When i started blogging in 2008  i already had encountered this site or company. I always happened to see it on many ads on the web and i had tried to be a member but earlier then i did not get involved much because i was concentrated on blogging.

Upon reading this article , i got interested with Specialty Merchandise Corporation and tried to look for something a review or any article about SMC, i don’t believe its a scam.

SMC, or the Specialty Merchandise Corporation, is a company that’s been offering people an online business opportunity for many years.The way the SMC business opportunity works is that each person who joins becomes an authorized reseller of various items from the SMC warehouse. Each member gets their own web store and training in how to attract customers to their website. When someone buys a product from your store you’ll be credited with commissions from each sale generated.

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Having been on specialty products for so long SMC can’t be a scammer. I wonder if it has some product from the Philippines or product to sell to filipinos