Thursday, February 28, 2008

BOMB of Jun Lozada exploded after the BOMB THREAT in PUP

In the morning of February 28 the Polytecnic University of the Philippines receive a call that there is a bomb in the school. At the grounds of the school are students having a program in preparation for the visit of Jun Lozada. Knowing of the bomb threat the school security , lock the gates of the school. The students having a program was bewildered and caught their attention in the closing of the gates, so at a quick decision they rush to the gate and struggle with the guard to open it. After a few minutes bomb disposal unit of the police came, but again the students barricaded the gate so the police can't come in, until the police were overpowered by the students. Then Jun Lozada came with students raising their fist in joy and salute to the coming of Jun Lozada.. Then the program continued with Jun Lozada making the speech, but after a while the microphone was cut off..

What could we see on this scenario ,, it is again another ploy to sabotage an expression and showing of democratic rights of the students..Why are the security locking the gates ?? Do they know that if there is really a bomb , many students will die.. Is it not the right, to let the students out of the school premises but the security must had in mind that Jun Lozada will be coming and He is the real bomb and not a ployed bomb threat.. Its a real drama but with the students smart decision , they were able to stop the drama and continue to express their sentiments with the present regimes treachery..Mabuhay ang mga estudyante !!

And again with the preparations for the interfaith rally it seems or more likely a military authority is up and coming. Battalion of soldiers are waiting at Fort Bonifacio complete with long arms and tanks. The police numbering 5000 will guard? the rally , i hope its not GMA they are protecting . And a camp in of Arroyo supporters fully prepared with ready made banners , torch and placards complete with packed meals , what resources are they using for these counter propaganda. There is even a contingent of soldiers guarding the entrance to Manila. They are there to stop other participants of the rally i'am sure, just like with former EDSA revolution.

There was another incident that happen with Jun Lozada in Tundo . After the mass the crowd gathered at the plaze outside the church and you know what happen, the security and even Lozada lost their wallet and cellphones. They were worried with the lost of the cellphone, because there might be some important information on that phone. Again with this event , i have a wild imagination ? don't you think its another modus operandi , to get those cellphone? well the enemies of Jun Lozada are very clever?

All is well and prepared , let us see what would be the outcome of the Inter Faith Rally.. I and those supporters for truth and idealist of a nationalist and democratic aspiration for our country supports the cause of the inter faith rally and the right time has come..GLORIA RESIGN..gloria RESIGN ,,GLORIA RESIGN...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Critism on Pres. Arroyo's admission on ZTE Deal Mounts

I critisize the President's admission on the irregularities of the ZTE Broadband deal and i shared the same opinion of our senators and a lot of people of this action. The president committed an act which is a "betrayal of trust" . She already knows that the contract to be signed in China had irregularities and she delayed her action . She let it be signed and witness a done deal. She only "cancelled" or "suspended: the project after the exposure of Joey De Venecia and now the new "Jedai" as they call him Jun Lozada.

The admission happen in timing , when mounting protest are going and plans for more actions on the street would be launch. In celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the EDZA revolution. The celebration was not graced by the president but the vice president attended together with former president Fidel Ramos, the military officials. It was some sort of "bad omen" that the celebration was full of "glitches". Maybe it is a sign that the spirit of EDZA revolution does not conform with the present regime of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies .

The president celebrated a mass in Malacanang in celebration of Edza . After the mass she made statements confirming that she has no plans to heed to the call of the people . She said , "She will not resign, There is no president except her, She is the only one who decides and not who is not in government, A people power 3 would condone the Philippines "

This are the firm stand of President Arroyo , it is not a surprise that she would take that stand and it just confirms that her drama of admitting there was irregularities in the ZTE Broadband deal in a radio interview was just a way to get sympathy. And another thing , in a recent interview with Sec. Bunye , he stated that the Pres. did not say there were irregulaties in the contract. And what for was the interview ? Its really just a drama ?

The people are not undaunted and had showed the courage to express their feelings of hate for the present regime in the 22 anniversary of the EDZA revolution , youth , students, actors , director and public officials as well as former senator Guingona attend the rally at Mendiola. A mass was held in Baclaran church also for the celebration with former president Cory Aquino, senators, congressman, hyath 10, actors and actressess and supporters of Jun Lozada.

A much bigger assembly are being planned these consist of all anti arroyo organizations , from students, teachers, religious, workers, muslims, government officials, business community ,actors , actresses and former Presidents. These will be held on February 29 and the crowd is estimated to be 50,000. I say to you!

See you on February 29, i hope i was there...
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

PRESIDENT GMA ADMIT, Problems in ZTE in the Midst of Planned Protest and Call for Her Resignation

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo admits that there was a problem in ZTE scandal . She had an interview with a radio station and said she only knew there was a problem with the ZTE on the eve of contract signing , she also said she could not withdraw the contract because there was another party involve. She did not reveal the source of the tip off.

When i saw this news i recall the time when she also admits on television that she did not cheat in the last election, when a wire taped conversation was revealed to the public. She denies before that she did not cheat and later she also admitted the wire taped conversation also on television. She admitted its "LAPSES" , and now its another "LAPSES" , i look at the dictionary and "LAPSES" means "forgetfullness, carelessness. This proves that we have a sick president , who is sick of LAPSES and not thinking ! and who ever advice her to reveal her admission in public is really not thinking of the consequences of her admission and doing further damaged to the present administration, "maybe the adviser wants her to resign ." She has contadicted her own cabinet, who are saying that there was no anomalies in the project ZTE Broadband . She should have delayed the signing of the contract , in spite of her knowledge that there was a problem. She could have instructed an investigation on these matter. She is the President and should had acted outright , well maybe she had again her lapses. And what does she wants from the public, to sympathize with her ineptitude in relaying this admission ? She even had a mass for her government together with her closet friends and assumptionistas "elitist" praying probably for the people not to call for her resignation, its another one of photo off to portray she is not a sinner. What about other voluminous projects that was not exposed, but already suspected of anomalies of this administration . Will she also admit her lapses if another Jun Lozada will come out? Is this gesture of admission of ZTE problem portrays, she is also for
Lozada ?

The demolition jobs against Lozada , the planned mass and mass actions of Pro Arroyo in the city and provinces , the surveillance system that is being put up by the police , the case filed against the wife of Jun Lozada , the pressure of Malacanang to stop the investigation of the Senate , the derogatory text messages against Lozada and the exposition of certain Erwin Ramos which are all tactics for the preservation of the present administration is inutile with the admission of their boss , the President. Its ironic the First Gentleman is in Hongkong and maybe having a good time, while her First Lady is in agony.

I think the people's gesture of protest is right in taking a decisive action to take to the street and pour out their discontent in the present administration, who had been reflective of corruption , lies, deceit and what ever you call it. The events are looming for another EDZA 3 , another peoples gain in the achievement of good governance , prosperity and progress. Mabuhay ang mga Flipino , Mabuhay tayong lahat !!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Now that Jun Lozada had finished his testimonies on ZTE Broadband Scandal and told the truth about what had happened to him upon returning from Hongkong and accused top government officials of abduction against him. It is for the people to give their conclusion on these matter of national interest.

For me beforehand i did see there would be denials of top officials in government. It has always been the practise on our corrupt country not to tell the truth ,especially on officials being accused of anomalies and trusted by higher ups. They had been used to twisting the facts , going around the truth and the worst you'll end up with a case against you. Likely they are planning to file a case of perjury against LOzada. I hope Jun Lozada has the courage to fight for the "Truth" till the end. It is just starting.

Our fellow flip's from you tube had express what they know and how they see this scandal. Watch the video my fellow Flip's and readers of the world.

Meanwhile other sectors such as politicians, personalities , religious , businessman , students and different organizations express their support for Lozada. They come up with different ways to express their sympathy and outrage. While on the other side the government and its "loyaliest" are doing everything to destroy the credibility of Jun Lozada . The NBI raided the office of Jun Lozada to look for any evidence that they could get to make a case against the person.
There are also news that money would be use for the Press to tone down the unpopular government. The DOJ chief down size the popularity of the issue that its just in the City of Manila. The president was even busy with a singing session with "Carpenter", does'nt seem to be affected.

So the people are now on to action and the government seems not to careless. Let us see what would happen.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Its really worrisome for us working in a far away land when your hearing and watching the crucial events that is happening in your own country. There is a feeling of hatred for those government officials who damages the integrity of the country because of their abuses in power. And still they can stay in power untouched and could go around the issue, twist the truth and damage a bravely act of the man that can be called a hero.

On Jun Lozada's testimony February 6 , he recounted what had happened during the ZTE broadband deal negotiations and how the $130,000,000.00 came about. He also clarified what transpired upon his arrival at the airport on February 6, 2008 until he called for a press conference. He mentioned the names of those involve in the last hearing that he is accusing of abduction . He name “names” of top government officials regarding his abduction ?or is it kidnapping ? or an escort ?

Government officials mentioned by Lozada were called by the Senate February 10 and hear their sides regarding Lozada’s accusation that he was kidnapped . Here are some of their statements ;

Lozada said that he was approach by Sec. Defensor and ask him to deny that he knows something about the ZTE Broadband deal . Sec. Defensor also mentioned that the President referring to PGMA is already hurt on what is happening. An idea of the conference was the idea of Sec. Defensor for Lozada to inform the public of his whereabouts and deny he know about the ZTE Broadband scandal. Lozada was given P50,000.00 by Defensor for his expenses .

Sec. Defensor denies that he said something about the President being hurt . He clarified that he suggest to have a conference but to air Lozada ‘s whereabout . The P50,000.00 was not a bribe but help for Lozada .

From Jun Lozada, Sec. Atienza is his boss in DENR and he approach him because he fears for his life and he seek help . Sec. Atienza was the one who arrange his trip and the one in charge of the arrangement in getting Jun Lozada in the airport . Sec. Atienza denies there was kidnapping .

Chief of PNP
Razon denies that there was no kidnapped but what police did was escort Jun Lozada . He said he acted on the call of Sec. Atienza in securing Jun Lozada by detailing a policeman to assist Lozada . He denies that Lozada was free to use his cellphone , go with his family but said Lozada did not request for that .

The Airport security that was detailed to escort Lozada also denied that there was kidnapped or abduction . But Lozada stated that when he arrived at the airport he said to the security that his family is waiting for him and he wanted to go home but assigned airport security did not permit him for just the excuse that there were many people in Lozada’s house .

The attorney who prepared the affidavit also denies that statement in which Lozada signed was his own statement and not prepared or was prepared for him beforehand .


It is very disgusting that the truth did not come out . As I was following this developments on what the top officials declared on their statements , my mother was furious . What could we see at this time ? My first question on my first article regarding Lozada was not answered with the last hearing that transpired . My question was , “ Why was Lozada not brought to the Senate , since there was warrant of arrest for him issued by the Senate and the Chief of Police knows these and of course the airport police . "

" Why was he esorted to a nearby province and then surface out and still not brought to the Senate , which is looking for him and needed his statement ."

I think its really obvious that they really does'nt want Jun Lozada to go home or attend a senate hearing . Though they denied there was abduction still the question is why the go around , and then when they could no longer deny that Lozada was on their custody , he was surfaced because of the media is looking for him. Now that the last hearing on the twisted statements of the concerned officials was given . It is now for the senate to come out with their conclusion and made necessary recommendation. For me , this case is another issue for president GMA's impeachment , if not another people power in making.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Commission , $130,000,000 !? Corruption in the Philippines

I was following developments in the Philippines but the latest event that is transpiring now are signs of probably the fall of GMA 's government .

The man in the picture ; Rodolfo Jun Lozada

He is a witness in supposed to be Senate investigation about the anomalous “ ZTE scandal . An arrest warrant was issued by the senate for him when he did not attend the last inquiry . But before it was issued to Jun Lozada , he left for China . Jun Lozada arrived Tuesday , February 6 at NAIA . Upon landing at the airport the man was not seen by the family . This cause the family to be apprehensive and worried on his whereabouts. Because Jun Lozada ‘s location could not be determined the family of Lozada submit writ of habeas corpus at the Supreme Court. Until it was only on the following day he appeared at a press conference , escorted by nuns and priest on his side tired and afraid .

On the Press Conference , the man stated that he was escorted by the Police and was drive around a nearby province . He also said that he was brought to the care of the nuns and priest , probably because the matter of his whereabouts is well publicized in the media and also a writ was already submitted at the supreme court.

The airport police and the police denied at first the whereabouts of Jun Lozada until he surfaced and now they are saying that the man went to them for security where Jun denied.

In the Press Conference , he implicated former Comelec Chairman Abalos by telling the public that Chairman Abalos was asking for $ 130,000,000.00 dollars as commission . He also said that Chairman Abalos made a death threat on him . That is why he was afraid of his life . He also said that Chairman Abalos called First Gentleman , husband of the President Gloria Arroyo regarding the commission.

The man will testify at the senate hearing scheduled on February 8, 2008.

Questions ? Revelations to be heard ? Developments to Watch?

It is a question or mystery why the man , Jun Lozada be escorted by Presidential Security Group. When a search warrant is already issued by the senate and the police knows this. It is very clear that the government , “tried or tested the waters “ . They tried to kidnapped ? Escort? the man but because the event of his alleged “kidnapped “ or “escort? was publicized in the media , he was surfaced and a news conference followed . This is clearly syndicated style of trying to cover up something.

Why did the police escorted “ or kidnapped ? Lozada . Why they should have brought Lozada to the Senate because of the warrant . There is a warrant that has been issued before Lozada fly to China . Is the Police much higher in authority than the Senate .

And in the press conference , it is a bomb that was exploded in the open . What Lozada had said

"He said the police tried to give him a affidavit for his signature stating that “he did not talk to any government official regarding the ZTE project” He signed it because he was afraid .

Again , Why did the police made this document ? For whom will it benefit ? Will it be for FG and PGMA?

The explosive revelation will follow when we hear the testimony of Jun Lozada at the Senate Hearing . But I think it is already signs of a real syndicated cover up of something bigger that will explode like bomb for the present unbearable government . Grrrr.........

People have to make moves now to support the “Great Revelation” of this man . The people should be vigilant to expose any moves against Lozada taking the witness stand. Fellow bloggers, readers , webmaster , let us support the cause of fighting corruption in govenment .

We will pray for you Lozada ! Fight ! you’re a truly a model of a proud "Flip "Filipino .

Saturday, February 2, 2008

People of the Earth ,Davos Question? A Grave Concerned

As I was surfing the internet specifically at You Tube I came across this DAVOS? And I found out that there was a world leaders conference and its been going on every year on this place in Switzerland . I believe that every living person should have watched and participated on this meeting because what they were discussing was about PEOPLE . The main issue here in DAVOS was a question ? What one thing do you think that countries , companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?"

The world top leaders meet every year at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss how to make the world a better place. The conference ended last week of January ( watch full sessions on )

This was participated by 2500 participants that discussed sectoral issues on climate change , international developments , economics , education , energy and human rights . This was also participated by almost 2 million you tube users all over the world. And a top favorite for the month of January .

My concerned with this Davos ?

I blog about Flip’s , Filipinos . They are people and Davos question is about people. My understanding is that world leaders had tried to discussed worldwide problems and derive solutions . They have recognize that there is a need for brand of collaborative and innovative leadership to address the challenges of globalization, particularly the pressing problems of conflict in the Middle East, terrorism, climate change and water conservation. "Globalization is forcing changes in how people should address global issues .

We are interconnected and the world is interconnected, the only way for the world to work is to have a set of common values. We have no option but to work together." This is what they had realized ."

On my own point of view the worlds problems is about competing for resources and these struggles resulted to world problems . Poor countries like the Philippines and other developing countries are still left behind on economic and political developments . First world countries still dominates second and third world countries . This had been happening ever since , man discovered how to develop resources , capitalized on this resources for the benefit of their country and exploit developing countries .

Now the new world development is developing into a new arrangement "Globalization" , the First , 2nd and third world countries , Oil rich countries and the New China . This countries are the new big players and competing for world economy . What would happen in the future or in the coming generations is relevant to what is it today . Will there be cooperation , collaboration , domination or exploitation.

For us who had not known that there is an ongoing movement about the Davos question , we had to be involve . Let us be one with these leaders who had started to draw some remedies for the worlds problems. For us bloggers , we could write articles on how do we address this question.

What can you do ? What can we do? It is not only a 2008 undertaking , its a struggle for life ? What would be your answer to the DAVOS question ?