Monday, February 13, 2012

Kris 4 Born Pig, Ox and Dog in the Year of the Dragon

The image of the Dragon 

On this article we will read the last three animals Pig, Ox and the Dog Born in the Year of the Dragon as discuss  on Kris TV.  The guest on this episode were Sam Milby,  Ryan Bang, Rafael Rocel, Joe D Mango and the neomancer Jeffrey Ventura. 

                          Personalities in the Year of the Pig :

 Kris Aquino, Aiza Sequera, John Lloyd Cruz, Julia Montes,  Former Pres. Gloria M. Arroyo, Lea Salonga, Toni Gonzaga , Raymond and Richard Gutierrez and Sen. Sony Trillanes. Included also were Danding Cojuangco and the two sons of Kris Aquino .

Lucky colors of born Pigs are torquiese, coral red, Jefrey Ventura clarified that wallet consides with wealth and if we went to have luck in terms of wealth we had to enhance the wealth by having a lucky color for our wallet. Kris believe in this because she knows Ben Chan ( a billionaire)  always changes wallet and who is also a believer in Chinese Zodiac.  Lucky colors for the wallet are maroon, silver ,gray and coral red, For the Pig born in this year of the dragon they should be careful of robbery or someone will scam them.  Pigs are compatible with sheep and the rabbit.   This Year is also the year of Love, especially for the Pig. The Rat which is Sam Milby is not lucky for love relationship. Sam confirm this because of his plan to go States and he wont be having time for relationship he would be concentrating with his career. Rafael Rocel was advised by Jeffrey to be careful with his affection with the family because there are some negative energy that would befall his family.  Joe d Mango another guest Horse born was adviced to have other business aside from being a radio Dee jay.

Personalities in the Year of the Ox;

Ox personalities are Lorna Tolentino  Former Pres. Joseph Estrada, Manny Villar, Noli de Castro , Pres. Barack Obama, Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, and KC Conception. Kris opine that all three girls were link with Sam, (the Rat) and Jeff says , in the relationship it is the Ox who leads the Rat. The Ox thinks that they are mature than the Rat, Sam laughingly accept it.  For Pres. Barack Obama running in Nov election would not be a good year and losing is a possibility as Jeffrey says there would be a lot of conflicts and he had to manage this conflicts in his favor. 

Personalities in the Year of the Dog

 Personalities born in the Year of the Dog , Zanjoe Marudo, Kaye Abad, Gretchen Barretto, Judy Santa Maria,  Boy Abunda,, James Yap and  Rafael Rocel. Rafael  who is a Dog born would have love relationship towards the year end.  Dog are compatible with Tiger and the Horse but the secret friend is the Rabbit.

 There you have it all four articles regarding the animals in the chinese zodiac had been discussed, i hope you had learned something. Horoscopes western or chinese are guides for everybody to accept or not. But there is no harm if you believe in it and practise what guide the neomancer is saying. You will know if its true later within the Year of the Dragon.  For a more detail studies about  Fengshui and charms consult this site

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kris 3 Snake, Horse and Rooster in the Year of the Dragon

Points we learned from the program Kris TV about the chinese zodiac will be discussed here about  the people born on the Year of the Snake,  Horse and Rooster what is in store for them in the Year of the Dragon. The guest of Kris Aquino was Marites Allen ( the fenshui expert), Rayver Cruz and Christine Reyes.

 Who are the personalities born in the Year of the Snake;

 For the people born on the Year of the Snake there are challenges to face in the year of the Dragon, but when we say this it wont really happen to you totally so we have charms to prevent bad luck and good charms to have the good luck. We have to suppress the bad luck and enhance the good luck. Kris was amazed that those actors and actress who had been very popular were snakes like Sharon Cuneta, Maricel Soriano, Gov. Vilma Santos Recto, Susan Roces and Oprah Winfrey..They are very intelligent and the description for the snake is that "they glide for life". They are not argumentative they just flow through life. They also have some small misfortune like a little bit of illness, robbery, The challenges for the snake is sometimes not the doing of the person but it could be from the environment. So with the guest of Kris such as Rayver Cruz and Christine Reyes, Rayver was a snake born and Christine is a Dragon born.

Rayber is a strong metal person , the favorable elements are fire and wood, red, pink and purple, for the wood element is green and brown . The unfavorable element for Rayver ( snake) are earth, metal and water. The colors are beige, cream, metals are white gold, silver and the water gray blue and black,.  What is unfavorable element for Rayver is favorable for Christine. So they really are attracted to each other, so its really balance.

Personalites born on the Year of the Rooster; 

For the rooster born like Aga Muhlach, Robin Padilla, Luis Manzano and Sen. Chiz Escudero , they are called  are called the stars , they could expect a good year ahead, relationship is very good , health is also good. In summary the rooster could get a good year ahead sky is the limit.

Personalities born in the Year of the Horse :


For the horse they have a victory star, so they can begin what they had plan and this year is a good start. Actors and Actress born in the year of the Horse Vic Sotto, Judy Ann Santos, Kim Chiu, Manny Pacquiao, Erich Gonzales, Rirchard Gomez and  Sen. Bong Revilla. 

Points shared by Marites Allen (the fenshui expert); 

1. The date, the day and hour of birth of a person is very important because this is were decisions had to be based. Just like the example of Kris Aquino when Pres. Noynoy registered as candidate for the presidential election they still have to based the time of registration with the Noynoys birth date and time. They believe this enhance the good luck and truthfully the president won in the election. It is very important to know the day when you were born, there is a popular rhyme that says " A mondays child is fair face, Tuesdays child is full of grace, Wednesdays child achive fame and glory , Thursdays child full of success story , Fridays child is loving and giving, Saturdays child is kind and forgiving and Sundays child is warm and embracing.

2.  There are elements on a certain person that makes you attracted or hate a certain person. Like Rayver and Christine, there are elements within Rayver that is being filled up by Christine because of her being a dragon. And there are also some persons that you hate most though you dont know a certain person. 

3. Each of us there is a sign that can be used for good luck and lessened the bad luck on us. Recommended for the Dragon , "Five Good Element Pagoda ( Key Chain) , night amulet protection ( for those driving at night or work time that reaches almost in the morning. For those who wants to get rid of the negative energy of last year, the used amulet should be thrown in the river or buried in the western  part of the garden. For those people who had given you troubles or problems, get a "calamansi" squeeze it and visualize that your squezzing the person and you want get rid of him or her and throw the "calamanzi" in the river.

Watch out for the last article about chinese zodiac.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kris 2 Snake Rabbit Monkey in the Year of the Dragon

Kris 2 program on ABS-CBN discussess about Snake born, Rabbit born and Monkey born in the year of the Dragon 2012. Personalities born in the year of the monkey are Mr and Mrs. Ninoy Aquino, Charice Pempengco, Luis Manzano, Xyriel Manabat and Christopher de Leon. Year of the Rat are Toni Gonzaga, John Pratts, Sen. Ping Lacson, Chief Justice Corona and Pres. Noynoy Aquino. Born on the Year of the Sheep are Jericho Rosales, Ryan Agoncillo, Dra. Vicki Bello, ABS-CBN President Charo Santos Concio,

Personalities born on the Year of the MONKEY;

The monkeys should be conscious with the blood related diseases. Lucky color of the monkeys are red. The monkeys in terms of business are allied with the people born in the Year of the Dragon,  so its a good luck for the monkeys to befriend the people born in the year of the Dragon. A good year for the monkey career and profession will shine on this great year.

Personalities born on the Year of the Sheep or GOAT;

 For the people born in the year of the Sheep or Goat, trust and harmony should be followed or prevail in terms of relationship. This is also their year to adjust their temper so to achieve good relationship with others. Very lucky is the color peach in terms of wedding, this is the wedding year for the people born in the Year of the Sheep or goat. They should maintain discipline on their health, they should watch their diet and have good exercises. A better year career and financial luck but control temper because patience is a virtue.

Personalities born on the Year of the RAT;

For the people born in the Year of the Rat, they should always have a hospital check up frequently because of some health concerns like stomach problems. Allies of the Rat are dragon and monkey and secret friend is the ox. Secret friend would be loyal to the rat born. Lucky colors are magenta, tangerine and military green. A good and smoother year, a health competitive year but beware of the illness, energy and sickness, Be healthy to face competition keep in mind stress and work smartly.

Some clarifications with the birthdays, if people born in January to February should study their chinese horoscopes because the Chinese New Year is also changing. Like Tony Gonzaga which was classified in the Year of the Rat, born in January is actually a Pig born. If your chinese horoscope falls on the rabbit, dragon and tiger its on Kris 1 article before this.