Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moving house stuff

In the Philippines moving house stuff is not a big problem especially in the rural areas or provinces.  Whenever there is a family from a barrio transferring to another barrio or town the whole community is involve or provides a helping hand. The picture below depicts the spirit of what we called “bayanihan” spirit.


You don’t have to classify and pack your household stuff to bags or containers because your whole house can be transferred to your place of destination.

This is really economical and provides a community effort.  I was discussing this with my friend who plans to transfer or move his house stuff from a city to another city or place here in Canada.
There is a big disparity  in the Philippines and Canada as what i say to him, because here you have to see your budget and make a moving estimates . You have to classify and pack your stuff and estimate the number of belongings that had to be loaded on a track and how many trips needed to transfer all the stuff. 

You really need to contact local movers to help you with estimates be it long distance movers or just short distance. My friend told me that he is ready and have saved a budget for the transfer and its only a short distance and he only needs a local moving quotes for this.

Well its good that my friend had prepared for these , for me its not a problem yet because i don’t have a house  and don’t have lots of household stuffs.