Thursday, January 17, 2008

Logo for FLIP' antastic Web

Readers , bloggers especially “CO- FLIPS” or flippers . I am very inspired to write on my blog or our blog . So many ideas could not be erased on my mind . I had sleepless nights , that I had to write all what is on my mind , I did wrote it , but I still had to organize my thoughts before I could execute it.

A very important aspect that I was considering on my blog was to have a good picture or image but since I was very excited to do what is on my mind .. So I just started to write it, and upon doing it , there were very other important things that should not be overlooked . One of this important aspect was the logo …
Should I write the blog without a logo or proceed without it.. Or have a logo or wait for a logo before I write the blog . Well at the end I decided to write the blog without a logo ..

But mind you , I did some research on what particular images or logo should I put on my blog .. The idea of a logo must be or should have a taste of a Filipino ..

And this is what I found out . I came across , a monumental achievement by our fellow “Flips” in our country and I just knew it after my research .. This is what our “Flip” bloggers did in last year 2007 , in observance of the Independence Day , June 24 ( was this the real indepence day?) ..there was a competition for making a logo “Proudly Pinoy”

The winning logo was this ;
This logo was created by the winner Joe Talisic of

This logo could be used by any Flip Bloggers on their website provided their site is indicated or labeled . So with this I won’t have any problem on my blog . probably I could use this logo . But I was again confused because there are 297 logos all in all .Now what will I used ? Proudly Pinoys ….mind you , I was blown away , and they all VERY GOOD ,.. So probably readers , bloggers, commentators maybe you could help me decide what logo to use.. See these site for the other 296 logo ; htttp://

To the proudly winner , to the founders, organizers, staff and members of Proudly Pinoy , Hurray , to All of You , You are all good Flip’ s .,,You have done a good Job . You have proven that you are real Pinoy and I salute you for this job well done and hope that symbol is not only a token but it should have substance in your everyday lives doing a monumental achievement for the country and be a true nationalist. Let us make a move to rally fellow Flip bloggers or Flip website owners in the world net to display the "Proudly Pinoy" on their websites.