Thursday, June 23, 2011

Filipino wants his brand to be popular and sell

A filipino friend consulted me about how he could duplicate and make his product or brand go viral or have a lot of contracts or sell a particular product. He is a graphic artist and he is very good in designing artworks on any material be it banners, cards, or anything you name it.  Here’s a sample of his work which could  make a sale on t-shirts:


I advise him that he needs a particular product like t-shirts which could sell a lot this days because its summer.

But having a product does not guarantee that your brand would sellout you need to have a company that would help in the promotion of his works , product and an example is a tshirt.

So i research and found this site handling promotional products. This is , the first online company that sells promotional products that cater to small business up to big time companies. And what is great about this , they have a branch office in the Philippines so its just as easy to deal with them.

They handle a lot of promotional items from ballpens, apparels, tshirts, mugs, bags, food products and key chains.  So for example if  your selling t-shirts or want your design to sell out let handle your t-shirt with logo your artwork.

Ordering from them does not take that long and they have an online system to send your logo or design to them. When i explained this research to my friend he was very excited and prepares to contact

Here in my blog there is one article that i am also sure would be love by the filipinos it is the logo of the bloggers, i am sure the winner of the artwork “proudly pinoy” Joe Talisic would promote his winning entry into any product .