Thursday, June 16, 2011

Education needed for higher income

When i came to Canada i was only thinking that i will surely earn dollars for the needs of my family, having attended a short course in caregiving i assumed that it would be  enough to support whatever expenses for myself and my family in the Philippines.

But when i finished my contract with an employer and had to work for another employer i came to accept that caregiving career is not what i really want after all. I came to realize that earnings on these profession would not be sufficient if you will live with your own house and family. Caregiving jobs would only give you the minimum earnings for a month which is only about $1,500 more or less. If you would pressure yourself to earn more , you should have two jobs. Or elevating your status from a caregiver to Personal Support Worker you need to study and a permit is needed for you to acquire your studies.

Its real , education is needed for higher income here in Canada and probably in other countries like United States.

But given that you still have to work for your everyday expenses and have to budget your time, the question now is how could you study and at the same time work. I consulted my nephew about the matter of studying at the same time working and he recommended to me about online education. For me its unusual or i may say its new to me about  studying online because i had not experienced this kind of studies. The kind of education that i know was going to universities, enrolling and getting the college course that you prefer.

I thought it over and surf and found out it provides you with references on many aspects of education somewhat a search engine for your educational needs. I was made aware that studying  online would not be expensive  because you wont be using a classroom, you wont be paying for transportation, you dont have to buy books or reference materials  and you can even apply for a loan.

What i need to decide , on the list of online courses  is what will i  choose. Will i have to upgrade my status to a personal support worker course or take online degree on computer sciences which is related on my  BSREE degree.

Whatever, the goal now is pursue on a higher income and achieve more progress.