Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Writing/Blogging, It's Fun

I am not a writer but I know how to write . When we say write , its basically writing with your hand for the primary purpose of expressing yourself and communicating. This skill was develop from childhood unto our adulthood through the school and throughout our lifes social integration.
So every one who had an education has the capability to write although it would be a different thing on how far you have develop your skills in writing . From school age to older age we saw that our writings gradually develop. From childish scribbling towards a more refine writings . The things that we wrote from kindergarten , grade school , secondary education and college are all different . Even the content of what we write , differs because of our backgrounds . There are variances in the content of our write ups depending on life's living situations , likes , experiences hobbies , work and goals in life .

It’s a good thing that we know how to write , because we could communicate . But though there are people who does not know how to write , these are individuals or people who had no education .

In the Philippines majority of the population are educated but there are still communities that had no schools and although there are schools , some does not want education job is more important to them even at an early age. There are children working and not studying in rural and even urban centers.

In the history of man and our society the writings evolve, ( there was no blogging then yet) During the early times they write on stones . Imagine if time standstill and there were no discoveries , we probably are still like caveman Maybe in our house there are stocks of tableau , stones stack for our mail ...And imagine the mail man , it would be pretty heavy to distribute mails made of stones…

Now, where am i , what are we talking about?

This is not about the caveman ? The topic is about writing and in the present time ? The internet world generation , the blogging generation . With the development of science and the discovery of metals and minerals , man wrote using pencil and pen . Then comes the typewriter ...But now at the computer age , we don’t write anymore , we click on a computer . Imagine what would be the next generation after the computer ? Probably , were no longer in this world , imagine .. we wont be writing anymore , we will just look each other and communicate. There is no need for writing , were all silent and just looking ...

Why do I write on a blog ?

On my first write up I wrote the kind of situation I’m in right now and this has a lot to do , on why I am now walking on this new career, blogging , so please read my first write up. But seriously ;

  1. I write on my blogs to express what I feel . What I could not say or speak out loud . I do it in writing , which I think is a good thing. You could organize your thoughts out of writing an article. I am not a writer but the feeling of emptiness , the loneliness of a situation , the emptiness of not having much time for socialization and the urgency to do something for self , family and community is a great driving force that push me to write or blog.

  1. In particular Google is my first site to start my write ups and now I found Qassia.com, its good that this particular sites does not censor write ups although there are write ups that has to be censure. But even then some members should probably help others or me in particular in English writing skills . I am not an English writer , I am a Filipino and I know that at the moment Qassia has no standard on grammars . What I know is Qassia needs intel and the way how to write this intel is not a problem as long as we could communicate and understand each other.
  1. Writing per se particularly in English medium develops your English . For me with a background of a college education , i think writing is not a problem but still had to be polish. It is not so easy to be fluent in English when in your country its bilingual but you openly and daily use the native language which is Tagalog. Living here in Canada you have to speak in English.
  1. Writing an article develops in you the confidence . It prove something that you could be proud of . Its an achievement, a development and much progress.
  1. Writing being an expression of your thoughts , feelings or emotions , talent and sharing of your intelligence would gain friends . It could serve as an inspiration for others to follow.

6. Writing could be a means to rally individuals , groups and community for a cause.

7. And writing or blogging could give you income .