Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A blog for the "Flip"

Its a new year and its good to start a new blog on this year "2008" coz this year has many zeroes or circles which signifies a "coin" , money. But in Filipino , a circle means just going around in circle or in local dialect " pareho lang , paikot ikot ang buhay" . I would like to believe and we must believe that this year would be a good year. The circle , signifying money does not mean life is just the same , yes it will be in circle but in spiralling motion , and this spiral motion is going up towards progress.

Why is this Site Flip'

Flip , yes for the filipinos . I am a filipino here in Canada, Filipinos are called " Flip" a short for Filipino. Even the famous "Black Eyed Peas" has called Filipino , "flip" .

I am proud in being a filipino , although it is hard to admit that i am now on a foreign land and not working in my own country. But i remain to be , a "Flip" , a Filipino just living and working in this North America.

Living and working as caregiver for two years is more of loneliness, for you are not with your family. The joy and happiness during the first few months was overwhelm by loneliness, depression , being sickly and you almost want to go home . But because there is no available work or opportunity in my nativeland, you are forced to control your sadness and loneliness.

Yes , you have day offs but you could not spend a lot of your money for this good time because you are thinking of your low earned dollars . It is much needed by your own family. But there is hope , here in Canada , after working for two years you could apply for immigrant with your family. So it' s a worthwhile investment , nevermind being lonely and that's what we "Flip" are known , "matiisin". We tried every means to go on , even to sacrifice our life for our family.
That's being a "Flip".

Blogging , this is a way of expressing our feelings, thoughts , achievements , problems ,business or what have you.. With your subscription can make a worthwhile spot on the worldwide web. With this we could contribute , share , help , develop and do something for our ka- Flip" or kababayan . Together we could share in the struggle of our co - filipinos in our country in achieving progress.

So let' s blog , and let's group hug...