Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comments/ Suggestions and Features on Flip'antasticweb

I would like to thank my daughter and some friends for sending me compliments for my blogging . I would do it better and surpass their expectations , I promise .. ( Hope I can do it ) But I could not do it alone , I need the support and cooperation of you readers out there .

Who are you ?, readers, co – bloggers , internet marketers , webmasters , neighbors , relatives , uncles , aunties , male , female , any sex ..all of you computer literates or non literates, Flips or not , I need you and hope you consider my blog for information , advises , support and help . Let me know your stories .

This is what they said ;

“Congratulations on your new blog site.

Just an additional information.. In Filipino slang words, "Flip" is sometimes used to refer to people who do a lot of crazy, funny and naughty things.. I guess this blog would be as fun, crazy and funny as what it's name tells.

Enjoy blogging!”

“I'm really impress on how you write. Have you written a book before? How did you acquire the skills?”

“I visited your blog. It's pretty good for a starter.

"More power.”

“What you can write is the difference of our culture to the Canadian culture and how you struggle to adjust yourself in the new environment. “

“You can also write what you want can contribute to the cultural diversity in this country and your advice to new immigrants on the do’s and don'ts in this country.

For all the compliments , again a lot of thanks . I will surely consider your insights and suggestions. For you out there reading my blog , I hope you could also give your comments , suggestions , messages or whatever you want to say . You could also contribute , not money but articles you want to post .

There is a comment button at the end of every post or article . There is also a send message window at your right hand side of the monitor .

The other features of this site ; the “you tube you could
watch feed in videos related to the article you are reading ,
if not its what you tube wants you to see ( there are clips
that could not be filtered), You could also provide your own
videos by being a member of you
tube and I will upload
it on my blog.

There is about me , if you are interested in me ? there is a spot for that. An archieve , this is where stock pile of articles go, after it has been exhaustingly shown , rather after 7 postings and even now .

Listings of my affiliate links are in the right hand vertical side of the monitor. And if you want to search some Information in Google there is a search button also on the right.

If you want to subscribe there is a place for that , also on the right .

Well ‘ that’s it. This is what GOOGLE has provided . Thanks again to GOOGLE the pioneer and no. 1 in search engine and related services.

Again I am requesting that you contribute , share , ask questions but if you can’ t say anything , your shy or just don’t want , just read and enjoy, tell it to your friends , relatives , love ones , (here we go again) wife , husband , neighbors . …and so on .

Lets enjoy blogs , blogging , reading and sharing.