Friday, March 7, 2008

Aftermath of the Interfaith Rally

It has been a week since the massive protest or the Interfaith Rally and the actions of Malacanang has been almost the same. But we could see there are moves by the government which we determine to be new means of cover up, dividing the people on the issue and rule over it, threatening the ralliest , file cases on people telling the truth and every means to portray that the nation is going smoothly and the brand the peoples movements for seeking the truth as mere "destabilization" and politicking.

But do you think the people should cease to find the "Truth" about the abduction of Jun Lozada and the anomalies in the ZTE Broadband Deal?

What are these moves of the government in relation to the issues ;

1. The CBCP Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines, did not as a body call for the resignation of the President instead they put some demands to the President to address the issue of corruption in government, the primary issue was about the EO464. This is a privilege given by the President to her cabinet and other officials of government not to attend hearings like the Senate or invoke EO 464.
- GMA revoke the EO 464 as a result of the meeting with "chosen" members of the CBCPand it was conducted as a secret meeting. Why the secrecy and then execute a revocation of the executive order 464. Even if it was revoke by the president it is still a no guarantee that the truth will come out.

2. The matter of Secretary Neri , the primary witness about the ZTE Broadband anomaly is invoking this EO 464 . Neri submitted a petition to the supreme court to challenge his appearance in the senate. The supreme court decided and a compromise was suggessted by the supreme court to the senate. The suggesstion was that questions to Sec. Neri , could not be about what President and Neri had discussed in relation to the ZTE Broadband Deal.

- The senate did not take the compromise and would just settle for other witnesses about the ZTE Broadband Deal. They consider approving the compromise is a win win solution which undermines the integrity of the Senate.

3. The military and the police has again threaten ralliest that a supposed plot of terrorist is in the city , so ralliest could be a target. So we don't know if the threat is really from the terrorist.

4. A new group of former cabinet officials was formed in furtherance of finding the truth on anomalies specially the ZTE. There are former cabinet members and officials of government from the administration of Marcos. Aquino , Ramos and Erap. They also demanded the revocation of EO 464 and proposed dismissal of some officials. They gave GMA a week for her actions if not "its up for the people to decide ".

- the demands of the FSGO (Former Senior Government Officials) includes submission of Neri to the Senate, dismissal of some government officials involve in the ZTE Broadband Deal and abduction of Jun Lozada . All of these were turn down by the government.

5. First Gentleman showed up in the Ombudsman and request the ombudsman to dismissed his case because he is not a public official.

The people are already fed up and the clamor for GMA is no longer the issue, i think its more likely that the issue should be OUST GLORIA and not GLORIA RESIGN. There is no chance the GMA will resign and she will hold on to power no matter what. The moves of the people's organization to continuously pursue more protest and likewise Jun Lozada's plan to tour schools in the provinces to tell the truth on a province wide are more than needed . More organizations are being organize and more actions are in the offing, more communities will be reach, more witnesses will come out and more scandalous projects will be expose until the administration will deeply feel her governance is not needed.
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