Sunday, March 23, 2008


The whole Roman Catholic Christians of the world had observe the Holy Week. In the Philippines which is predominantly Christian Catholic observe the tradition in many ways. The religious or devotees follows the Catholic dogma by observing the Holy Week starting with Ash Wednesday , Palm sunday, holy thursday, friday and Easter Sunday. The whole holy week is an observance of the sacrifices of Christ, from Judas betrayal of his master, to the judgement of King Herod, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ. The whole sacrifice of Jesus dying in the cross meant to redeemed man's sin of his soul and the resurrecion of Jesus after his death meant that there is life after death. Those who had not come to Jesus and confessed his sin will not inherit heaven.

While devotees went to churches, prayed and did their duty as a catholic, there were many who had gone to the provinces for vacation. Some went to swimming in private pools , beaches, parks ,malls other public places or just stayed home. It's a time for relaxation, meeting of relatives and not thinking of Jun Lozada and Arroyo government. There were many who also went to places where "fanatics" are sacrificing by means of people being tied and nailed to the cross. Some are punishing their bodies with sticks which they believe will take away their sins or they do it as sacrifice for their ailment or for their sick love ones.

It seems that the storm has relatively calm down , the protest against the Arroyo regime has dwindle, though there were reports of Jun Lozada going around and probably leaders of anti Arroyo groups are in the provinces relaying or explaining to people what was goin on with the struggle for truth . While the first family is happily enjoying the cold breeze of Baguio after the long hot storm against her regime.

Reflections on the state of our country

Our country the Philippines is still a very poor country and our leaders particularly Pres. GMA is not doing his responsibility to the people. We have leaders that had openly had no moral authority to govern. We have leaders who openly cover up the events that had happened to Jun Lozada and twisted the facts of his abduction. We have a leader who on the time of her grabbing of power through a syndicated method had used "People Power" to fool the people that she was a sincere leader that would heed to the needs and demands of the people. She fooled the people not one's but many times. And we have a government of greedy people who cahoots with these leaders for money and power. We have a government who treat the structure as their own kingdom and would fight to the end to preserve it.

It was like there are many "Judases" now in government who for a few silver coins had to betray their master for money and power, who cover up anomalies and corruption against the truth. We have a people who just like "Christ" are now being persecuted, malign, frustrated and just like "being crucified". We also have priest who remains to mislead the people about the truth and the so called separation of sprituality with man's political well being so they still align themselves with the Arroyo government, if not don't associate with the "Gloria Resign movements".They also belong to the "Judases" who wants to maintain the status quo because of government financial support to their churches.

Religion should be serving not only the spiritual needs of man but as well as his political well being. Religion should not be an "opium of the people". Opium desentized sensitivity. "Religion" must not remain to be an excuse or mislead the believer. There are church leaders who accepts that man as a political well being and man's material needs is not separated from his soul. So they are openly blaming or critizing GMA for the sins of her government.

But on the other hand other church leaders who takes the position of the separation of man's soul and material well being , has the excuse of not meddling with peoples political matters. And this position is akin to the Arroyo government. So it is using these church leaders for her own benefit, just like she was able to convince "bishops" not to call for Gloria Resign and this divided the people.

The church and its religion is a moving force to reckon with especially in the Philippines which is dominantly Catholic Christian. But its teachings or doctrine should not hamper the move for people for find the rightful leaders in government it deserves.