Friday, September 16, 2011

Identity Information is a key to theft and fraud online

Identity information is what thieves online are after. If they have your personal information, then they may be successful in theft and fraud online. I continue to see this online, especially in my own emails. If you are receiving emails asking for your personal information, that seems to not be coming from a true source, then these thieves are trying to get your information.

Like I said, I am currently seeing this in my emails lately. See the image below;

If you're keen on distinguishing a real Paypal email from a spoof, then you will not be trapped or taken advantage of.  All of the information you provided to Paypal could be stolen and it's quite possible that your money will be taken as well.  Since your bank account is connected to PayPal, well, you better be careful because thieves will have access to that once they have access to your PayPal. This is just one example if you are not careful and give your information out to people trying to steal it. There is a lot more going on than we think online. The crooks are clever and have high tech capabilities for their modus operandi. This will really affect you, your family, your credit score and your earned money especially in this time of crisis. How will you even begin to get back to where you were in your credit standing and account balance/savings?

Paypal, banks and other financial institutions are all aware that this is happening and they will provide you with preventive measures.This will ensure that you will not to be robbed or suffer fraudGiven this situation and seeing the fraud happen first hand, I began tget interested and familar with services and companies that could help me with identity theft protection. I saw an IdentityHawk Commercial. The video portrays what is really happening online and offline. People will literally do everything to get your money. IdentityHawk has the expertise to identify if somebody is eyeing your information online. They have the experience and knowledge to prevent this. They will help you stay theft and fraud free. So be smart like a"hawk" with your transactions online and to be sure to have the best  identity theft protection there is.