Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crocodile in the Philippines

The captured biggest crocodile in the Philippines is now recognized worldwide unless there is a new one which would be more bigger than this. The crocodile is 21 feet in length and weight a more than a  ton. The government of Agusan in the southern Philippines  hunted the crocodile because it causes fears in the community , one girl  and a farmer was also  killed, they suspect that this "croc" was the culprit.  One hunter was also killed in the process of hunting the animal, he was "Lolong" , and now the crocodile was proclaimed to be name of the Crocodile and the town of Bunawan  is now proclaimed and be developed into a "tourist" spot" .

Talking about Crocodiles in the Philippines , there are really  a lot of "Crocodiles" in tagalog word "Buwaya". In colloquial terms these also means "Crocs' or more of "Crooks" in government . This also means that the "Crocs" in government are those people in government who are taking there position to make selfish robbery of the people's tax money for their ends. At this period of Pinoys governance  the biggest "Crocs" now is being investigated  and formal charges will be filed.  These "crocs" or "crooks' is not easily captured unlike "lolong" , these people are powerful and wealthy but now they are now on there downside getting sick and maybe later on they could be put in jail.