Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life is a Gamble

Gambling is the primary source of living of my father when he was still alive. He was able to make a living with her craft. He was able to provide for the family and made all of us his seven children finished schooling up to college. But in real life never he taught us how to gamble.

But when your thinking how he was able to make the family economy secure with just gambling alone, it's amazing. He is very good in his own trade. I was wondering if he had taught us about his secrets there's probably a good chance I will not have problems with money.

When you want to gamble here in Canada you have to go to Casino. This is always one of the favorite places that everybody visits be it for fun and trying your luck. This is where I always remember my father. I am also trying my luck on online casino, you never know I might hit a jackpot. But I only play slot machines on real casino and online casino's.

I always had this thought in mind that "life is a gamble" then why not try gambling its part of our life.