Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Newly constructed residential houses Canada

My sister had bought a house for almost a year now in Brampton. Ontario , Canada. Actually its a brand new house newly built. Majority of the houses in the place are new , others still on the process of construction but the roads are all passable. All of the newly built houses if you examined had no addresses.

So i ask my sister why until now for almost a year since they occupy the place there are no addresses. She told me they have a number for their house but they had no time to look for finding a right kind of plates or plaques for her house. So i told her that i could look for it and find a right plaques for her and she agreed.

Since i am an internet addict the first thing that i did was to search not on telephone directories , not on the magazines, newspapers but on the internet. what i put on the google search was personalized address plaques and wow i found out this site justaddressplaques.com they have beautiful plaques and the prize are low. You can also make a custom address plaques based on what you prepared material , size and color.

I suggest the site justaddressplaques.com to my sister and told her i found out what she needs . So we discuss what kind of plaques she wants and contact the site. Well now she was happy with her bronze address plaques..As long as you have the money, its now that easy to search for a product.