Friday, March 11, 2011

Hiling Mo Sa Sto. Nino Isayaw Mo (Make a Miracle)

A lot of pictures about the Tondo Feast of Sto. Nino  had been sent to me by my step daughter Abbigaille Baldemor and a friend of my wife Marlinson Fernandez . Its been past January when i received and had not touch it until now.  I had wanted to make a video out of all the pictures that was sent to me but i was thinking of the theme and how it relates to latest event that is happening to the country and to the world.

Then i realized the theme of the latest Tondo Feast of Sto. Nino “Hiling Mo sa Sto. Nino , Isayaw Mo “ could be given different pleas to the patron saint , it can be personal and also non personal. For me , i  realized that the world now needs another miracle because of what is happening to the country.  Before there was a government full of corruption , now volcanic eruptions, sea disasters, earthquakes,  extreme floodings,  road accidents, crimes and  poverty. 

The latest now is the exodus of thousand Filipinos from countrys like Eqgypt,  Libya and most possible other countries of the Middle East. If the crisis  or revolution of many countries escalates , millions of Filipinos will exit this countries and more poverty will be felt , there wont be jobs,  prices of gasoline will  also escalate and also other prices of all commodities which are all dependent on gasoline. And where are all these gasoline coming ,  its in the Middle East.

The country is still recuperating from the last corrupt administration and is now facing more problems and more bigger challenge. 

What is happening in our country are also happening in the world, hurricane, earthquakes, disasters, tsunami, crimes, volcanic eruptions, sea disasters and revolution.   It is just befitting to ask the Sto, Nino our Plea,  please make a miracle for the sake of the world .  It is just really right to say “Hiling Mo sa Sto. Nino, Isayaw Mo ( Please make a miracle) .