Monday, October 6, 2008

Lessons 1, 2 Months No Blog Posting

Hello again fellow bloggers, readers, visitors and subscribers its been a long time since i posted my last article "Site in the No. 1 Spot" last July 24 and have not updated this blog site for new article. I am really sorry, it happened . I believe it happens to anybody , not only to me but i think to every blogger and there's always a reason. My reasons for "No blog posting" is surely different.

For me its more a personal reason that had affected my enthusiasm, my interest and my strength. I was lost for a moment when an emotional problem aroused that i could not post any blog. I had no concentration , the problem had struck me wholly. But now i had managed and in the last "2 Months" i had resolved my emotional baggages and had to faced a new me and had gathered more stamina to continue with my goals in life and part of this is the online quest. In my last two months , there were "LESSONS", I devoted a lot of time analyzing my personal problems and finally had resolutions that pieced up myself to be one again.

The 2 months no blog posting had affected my google ranking from rank 3 to rank 2.
Its true , it had been lowered because there was a big reduction of visitors, readers and subscribers on my blogsite.

* From a standpoint of business my blog site is almost like dying by the day from the last article in July to the present. When i mean its dying it is gradually having no economic value for Google so it has to be rank lower. Lower means less advertising, less income for Google and of course lower adsense. And if i do not post again , my blog site will eventually closed.

*Though i deserve to be rank lower down because its lowering economic value for Google. I believe i had already learned the magic in putting my blog postings on the no. 1 spot , because for a long period of time almost 2 months the Article "Site in no 1 Spot" remains to be in the no 1 in the search results. But the problem of my blog site is still traffic and the readers, visitors and subscribers should contribute for the adsense increase.

Did you have this kind of experienced fellow bloggers? Let us show other readers your side or comments..