Monday, October 6, 2008

Lesson 2, 2 months No blog posting

The 2 months no blog posting had given me  time to review my blogsite and drew some lessons

*I found out that the name of the blogsite is very important for the search engine and the blogsite name or title must be related to your "niche" Looking back at my own blogsite , the name that i choose was an invented coined Title "Flipantasticweb" which is quite unique coined word of "Flip" or Filipinos ,"Fantastic" and "Website" but as a keyword, the niche has to be developed on this line..where in my description for the blog was very general,not specific, not descriptive enough. It will take a long time to develop it would be advantageous to be more specific. This is what i have to decide later on.

*As to my experienced blogging which is about 9 months, i had seen other blogsites and i cannot help but compare my layout and design with others. I find other layout and designs very very nice and very eye catching the colors, the blending, and the layout. I envy the other sites, how did they have that kind of design and layout. So i had really made up my mind to change my layout design.. but i know it would also take time, but my decision to change is final.

* Adsense for my blogsite is not significantly increasing though for a newbee in blogging i would say its rather good enough but i have to increase my adsense earnings. I have to change the layout to place the ads that would increase the adsense. And also study aboout adwords .

What can you say fellow readers and bloggers , do give comments and share your insights.