Thursday, July 24, 2008

Site in the No 1 spot

Yes every webmaster wants his site to be in the No. 1 spot of the search engine particularly on the three (3) Big search engine . Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search. In my previous article on basic SEO , Flipantasticweb discuss the how to's on knowing what your blog is all about , putting the right Title , meta keyword , description and keywords .

This discussions came about when I had my site evaluated by stomper net and i had some lessons . Now i have experienced they were right , knowing your site , putting the right Title , meta description and meta keywords would surely land you on the no. 1 spot of the search engine. Provided you religiously follow their recommendations , they are the expert . Though this is just but one of the concerns every webmaster is taking into consideration. But having a no. 1 spot is a sure thing that you would get visitors if not on the date it was published but there will be a time , readers will surf on your site.

Here's some images of my articles landing on the No. 1 spot. ;




If you would notice on the Top of my blogsite , I had change the description in the Title of what the blog is all about. Well its what I know how my site should be . When I post on my blogs I see to it that the Title is a good title for the article that will surely be crawled by the robots of search engine Yahoo and Google. With MSN live search we know that it is not very much concentrating on SERPS.

How do you determine that it will be surely be crawled by the robots. One thing that I am using is try to search on the Title that you prepare and surely you will get results. But most of all , the content of the article should be a good article that would compel readers or visitors to click and look what it is all about.

Well as you see the article Web 2 upgrade , This is the latest have reached the top no 1 spot of Google and Yahoo.

So if you want to be on the No 1 spot , do the SEO and try to study your titles , descriptions and meta keywords .