Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lesson 3, 2 months no blog posting

The 2 months no blog posting had given me  time to review my blogsite and drew some lessons;

  • Content for the blog is really the key factor , it is what the readers, subscriber and visitors wants on a blog.  When i started blogging i just write articles that i feel , so it  just comes out naturally , it is what your thinking and it is what is coming out of your emotions.  After a few months , i found that i had to improve my blog with this SEO thing , this is Search Engine Optimization. This is the offshot to a modern, enrich, business like and income generating  blogging. What i know of blogging is that  'it is an account of what you want to write" or journalizing,  and since we are in a world of business everything is a capital that should have interest. What i mean , if you are writing a blog it would be an expense on the part of the server,  so the server must earn from your blog. But if you would be paying the server for what you are writing, i think there would be less people who will write. So it is good for server or hosting sites to register many writers to have many artilces on their sites "like google". Now how will they earn from bloggers,  they put advertisements on your blog , "presto" they earn ..So you will write more for them, then you are given an incentive a payment for your writing but you have to follow their regulations or else , your out.   
  •  The point i am driving  out .  When i started blogging i am not after earnings , i just want to write what i know and feel and i am also after readers who would benefit from this articles but you wont get readers if they are not interested in what you are writing, so you have to write about  the interest of the readers.  And for you to know that interest of the readers there must be tools to determine the interest of the readers, subscribers if not you will have to rely on testing , experimenting and just wait until you accumulate readers and subsribers ,  so why bother do that when there are already developed tools to know what your reader wants but still you have to determine and study it.  The search tool and the keyword system is a good system of determining what the readers are searching and it  is also what they want to read.  It is not what you want to write but what your readers like to read.
  • The blogging world is only divided into non business related information and business related written artices .  But both had to earn in terms of advertisements .  What is this non business blog and the business related blogging.  For what i believe non business blog is writing articles just to provide information any information on any topic you could think of. And the blogging for products and services is related and aim to get your readers , subscribers to buy a product or services.  But for the server wherein you are registered they have to earn on your blog , so no matter what you are writing they have to put ads on your blog if not they won't survive . 
  • Blogging to survive in the blogosphere has to earn , if not you'll out . It is now more of a struggle to win more readers .  Knowing these lessons its a must to make changes on my blog 
What is your point of view in relation to this article , please make comments .