Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Increase in Page Rank, After the Locked?

Yah ! Amazing , it happened , yesterday May 6 , I noticed that my page rank increase from 0 to 3. I am not expecting this . Thanks to Google , readers and bloggers who commented on my articles. As you know my blog was locked April 2 and I was only back in writing on April 23. From then on I had only two articles and up to this writing , my rank is now PR 3.

Perhaps for long time and expert bloggers , its not a big deal but for me, a newbee in blogosphere , its a discovery on how things are going , its a sign of progress . Page rank also mean increase in earnings on adsense. From a few cents to a few dollars , its start of a milestone but still a lot of things to be improve.

How it came to be?

Its almost three and half months since I start my first article on blogging . I had no idea on how to do it , I just followed the steps as illustrated in the blogger. My initial write up was about why I have to blog. Its more on personal matters , I just want to let go thru writing feelings of loneliness here in a strange country. Earnings is just secondary . Second article was more on the structure of my blogsite. Then , its about Davos Question the meeting of world leaders about doing something for the world and the succeeding write ups were more on the political situation happening in my country the Philippines, the “abduction of Jun Lozada and the related events after. Then until my web log was locked in April 2,

All in all it was 20 topics. When my blogsite was locked and enabled after two weeks , I had to do some research in google , its policy and surf to other blogsites to determine the reason for the disabled blog. And upon hopping , I also happen to learn techniques on improving my blogsite. Then I apply it after the locking incident. Throughout the period there were not much traffic on my blog. There were also minimal comments ranging from 1 to 5 comments per topic. I was already using entrecard , though I just drop my card to small number of entrecard members. There was no google page rank , its 0 , technorati rank started and increases now to 30.

Where do I attribute increase in my Page Rank;

Summarizing my short experience for less than four months. I would say my page rank increased based on the combination of three factors ; content of the article or topic being discussed , comments from the readers and back links.

I will share a more detailed topic on the content and back links on my next issue.

But this video will relay what is a Page Rank..