Monday, May 12, 2008

Elevate your page rank, its an experience

Every web blog have different topics, template , format and bloggers have different experiences . Its an advantage for professional writers in doing the blogs. They are more skilled in putting up articles although they still have to be a computer geek. But , all blogsites and all bloggers have the same mission , that is to reach a maximum number of readers or subscribers for their blog.

The more readers/ subscribers the more possibility of earnings. There are web logs that are private , commercial and non commercial. The non-commercial bloggers just love to write and express their passion thru blog or video log. Be it commercial or not, web site publishers encourages blogging with the same goal to earn an income. If there's no income which are derived from the Ads, how will they survive. So, for conscious bloggers specially the newbees like me , who want to have lots of readership/subcribers here are some simple tips to rank your web logs.

From my own experienced barely four months in blogging;

1.Good topic or article is a must. Simple but catchy layout and daily or consistent publishing of articles. When you start blogging choose the topic which is close to your interest and related to the goal of the blog site. The articles should be related to each other and not off tangent. Developing a topic is like a thread , its inexhaustible.

2.Presentation of the topic should be of interest to the reader. There are a lots of ways how to present the article in the blog. You should be patient in searching and be creative, its all in the internet. Choose text, images and video. In getting images I use the “jing project” which is free and downloadable. And for the video its “you tube”, there are instructions on how to load a video from you tube to the web log.

3.Links /linking is the life blood of the web log. Links are “clicked on” to go to the Web page you specify. Articles are useless without readers. When you publish the blog , visitors could see it when they surf because a spider web is crawling . Readers will find the article and read it, but to maintain a readership or subscribers to its maximum, you will need links. The goal of linking is to connect readers and subscribers to liken your blog and link back to your write ups. It is not the goal of linking , just merely to link and click your website, for the sake of visits or impressions which is related to earnings for the ads. Google call this “link spamming”. And it is not what publishers wanted , there must be an outcome from your visitors either to appreciate your topic and subscribe or the end result download something, visit the ads and buy a product.

4.Linking - the simplest way to link and have readers on your page is to click to other web logs which is related to your topic, do comments on the other web log and invite the co- blogger to your site. It would be a good karma , if you give, you may receive, likewise with a comment for the article. The traditional way of having readers is invite your friends, relatives, family and neighbors. Tell them you have a blog for and push them to visit your work. But its very limited . The technology has devised a way to virtually double, triple or infinitisinally send your work in the web.

The articles are kept in a data base by the computer and the system that distributes these to other web is thru the Feed or Feeder. Feed or Blog (url) are transmitted to other web servers like yahoo, msn , digg, technorati, delicious , facebook, and many other. The blogs are transmitted thru server sites by these feeders . To avail of these service the reader must subscribe to your blogsite. A button for the subscribers must have been ready to facillitate your patrons.

5. Traffic – this is not the traffic in the street , its a traffic in the web. If you have hundreds , thousands and millions of readership that's a lot of traffic. And that a huge potential client for the products being advertise in the blog. Here are some traffic sites that generate visits; – this is a site where you connect your blogsite to another site. By being a member your are provided with an entrecard widget which you drop to another member. By these visits and dropping system you'll gain points and the other droppers will follow you and also drop his own entrecard. So if your addicted to dropping your card to other blogsite members, you will get a lot of traffic, but be sure before or after dropping your card , please do give comment to the article of the blog being visited. Blog – these are sites where you meet other bloggers and knowing about other blog articles. Here you can share your blogs and sites and can invite them.

Directories - sites which enlist your blog site and also do ranking based on their systems . Like Sikat ang websayt ko , Top Blog List, IZEA ranks, Pinoyblogosphere,

Search engines - A search engine is an Internet facility that searches documents posted on the Internet for keywords and compiles a list of URLs or web addresses for the documents containing those keywords. Google is a search engine , its no 1.

6. Site map - A site map is a blueprint for a Web site. Its a map of all the pages of the blogsite written in the language of the computer. It is very important because if you want every page of your blogs to be read , you have put a sitemap on the blog.

Summing it up , the meat of the blog is the article or topic but somebody has to like your meat , not only like it but be addicted to your site. This is the traffic , and for your site to have a tremendous traffic you have to be connected with your linkages. Hand in hand with these components Google will naturally support you with ads that are relevant to your blogs and surely you'll be rewarded with earnings through the ad sense program.

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