Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oust GMA Continuing ! Senate Gets Deeper

Its been another week and the struggle to oust GMA continues. I think the people and the people's organization should not stop until the president evil is out of the government together with her syndicate. They are really "kapalmuks" that's tagalog slang , what we mean is that they are really greedy and they have no more feelings, they are not disturbed and the worst part they not acting on demands of the people. The people are needing of "Truth" the real Truth ? And they don't respond, they stay away from telling the truth, they cover it with propaganda, cover up, divide the people , buy their confidence , used the legal means not to prove their right but to preserve their status and refrain for confronting the truth. And they even have the nerve of countering the peoples demand with their own propaganda , payed , forced or framed up crowds and they will really circumvent anything just to stay in power , not anymore about good governance and honor but more power and greed. Its really an evil scheme.

The people's action ;

1. Group of Magdalena numbering 10,000 march to protest against GMA in the International Celebration of Women

2. Students from PUP walk out of their classrooms to demand and protest their schools officials from going to Malacanang to show support for the president.

3. Students and Teachers from the University of the Philippines launch the "CORRUPTIONARY" a new kind of dictionary where "corrupt" languages could be found. The affair was graced by Jun Lozada.

4. Kamatuoran an aggrupation of religious groups from Lanao del Sur showed their protest against GMA .

5. ZTE- NBN Scandal proliferate on the worldwide internet .

6. FSGO , Former Senior Government Officials states they no longer trust Arroyo administration because its now in the center of a scandal and not doing anything.

7. March 14 was set for a new big rally against GMA to be led by the Youth and attended by militant groups, religious , politicians and other sectors .

Senate Gets Deeper ;

1. Senator Trillanes a jailed military senator requested the senate to investigate the Spratlys agreement and the joint seismic undertaking between Philippine government and China. The Senator believes agreement has a direct relation with the many loans being given to the Philippines by China especially the ZTE-Broadband Deal.

2. Witness Madriaga shows an email of witness Leo San Miguel to him describing how the kickback from the ZTE-NBN deal would be sub divided from the gang of four and the evil couple.