Saturday, February 16, 2008


Now that Jun Lozada had finished his testimonies on ZTE Broadband Scandal and told the truth about what had happened to him upon returning from Hongkong and accused top government officials of abduction against him. It is for the people to give their conclusion on these matter of national interest.

For me beforehand i did see there would be denials of top officials in government. It has always been the practise on our corrupt country not to tell the truth ,especially on officials being accused of anomalies and trusted by higher ups. They had been used to twisting the facts , going around the truth and the worst you'll end up with a case against you. Likely they are planning to file a case of perjury against LOzada. I hope Jun Lozada has the courage to fight for the "Truth" till the end. It is just starting.

Our fellow flip's from you tube had express what they know and how they see this scandal. Watch the video my fellow Flip's and readers of the world.

Meanwhile other sectors such as politicians, personalities , religious , businessman , students and different organizations express their support for Lozada. They come up with different ways to express their sympathy and outrage. While on the other side the government and its "loyaliest" are doing everything to destroy the credibility of Jun Lozada . The NBI raided the office of Jun Lozada to look for any evidence that they could get to make a case against the person.
There are also news that money would be use for the Press to tone down the unpopular government. The DOJ chief down size the popularity of the issue that its just in the City of Manila. The president was even busy with a singing session with "Carpenter", does'nt seem to be affected.

So the people are now on to action and the government seems not to careless. Let us see what would happen.