Thursday, February 21, 2008

PRESIDENT GMA ADMIT, Problems in ZTE in the Midst of Planned Protest and Call for Her Resignation

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo admits that there was a problem in ZTE scandal . She had an interview with a radio station and said she only knew there was a problem with the ZTE on the eve of contract signing , she also said she could not withdraw the contract because there was another party involve. She did not reveal the source of the tip off.

When i saw this news i recall the time when she also admits on television that she did not cheat in the last election, when a wire taped conversation was revealed to the public. She denies before that she did not cheat and later she also admitted the wire taped conversation also on television. She admitted its "LAPSES" , and now its another "LAPSES" , i look at the dictionary and "LAPSES" means "forgetfullness, carelessness. This proves that we have a sick president , who is sick of LAPSES and not thinking ! and who ever advice her to reveal her admission in public is really not thinking of the consequences of her admission and doing further damaged to the present administration, "maybe the adviser wants her to resign ." She has contadicted her own cabinet, who are saying that there was no anomalies in the project ZTE Broadband . She should have delayed the signing of the contract , in spite of her knowledge that there was a problem. She could have instructed an investigation on these matter. She is the President and should had acted outright , well maybe she had again her lapses. And what does she wants from the public, to sympathize with her ineptitude in relaying this admission ? She even had a mass for her government together with her closet friends and assumptionistas "elitist" praying probably for the people not to call for her resignation, its another one of photo off to portray she is not a sinner. What about other voluminous projects that was not exposed, but already suspected of anomalies of this administration . Will she also admit her lapses if another Jun Lozada will come out? Is this gesture of admission of ZTE problem portrays, she is also for
Lozada ?

The demolition jobs against Lozada , the planned mass and mass actions of Pro Arroyo in the city and provinces , the surveillance system that is being put up by the police , the case filed against the wife of Jun Lozada , the pressure of Malacanang to stop the investigation of the Senate , the derogatory text messages against Lozada and the exposition of certain Erwin Ramos which are all tactics for the preservation of the present administration is inutile with the admission of their boss , the President. Its ironic the First Gentleman is in Hongkong and maybe having a good time, while her First Lady is in agony.

I think the people's gesture of protest is right in taking a decisive action to take to the street and pour out their discontent in the present administration, who had been reflective of corruption , lies, deceit and what ever you call it. The events are looming for another EDZA 3 , another peoples gain in the achievement of good governance , prosperity and progress. Mabuhay ang mga Flipino , Mabuhay tayong lahat !!