Monday, February 11, 2008


Its really worrisome for us working in a far away land when your hearing and watching the crucial events that is happening in your own country. There is a feeling of hatred for those government officials who damages the integrity of the country because of their abuses in power. And still they can stay in power untouched and could go around the issue, twist the truth and damage a bravely act of the man that can be called a hero.

On Jun Lozada's testimony February 6 , he recounted what had happened during the ZTE broadband deal negotiations and how the $130,000,000.00 came about. He also clarified what transpired upon his arrival at the airport on February 6, 2008 until he called for a press conference. He mentioned the names of those involve in the last hearing that he is accusing of abduction . He name “names” of top government officials regarding his abduction ?or is it kidnapping ? or an escort ?

Government officials mentioned by Lozada were called by the Senate February 10 and hear their sides regarding Lozada’s accusation that he was kidnapped . Here are some of their statements ;

Lozada said that he was approach by Sec. Defensor and ask him to deny that he knows something about the ZTE Broadband deal . Sec. Defensor also mentioned that the President referring to PGMA is already hurt on what is happening. An idea of the conference was the idea of Sec. Defensor for Lozada to inform the public of his whereabouts and deny he know about the ZTE Broadband scandal. Lozada was given P50,000.00 by Defensor for his expenses .

Sec. Defensor denies that he said something about the President being hurt . He clarified that he suggest to have a conference but to air Lozada ‘s whereabout . The P50,000.00 was not a bribe but help for Lozada .

From Jun Lozada, Sec. Atienza is his boss in DENR and he approach him because he fears for his life and he seek help . Sec. Atienza was the one who arrange his trip and the one in charge of the arrangement in getting Jun Lozada in the airport . Sec. Atienza denies there was kidnapping .

Chief of PNP
Razon denies that there was no kidnapped but what police did was escort Jun Lozada . He said he acted on the call of Sec. Atienza in securing Jun Lozada by detailing a policeman to assist Lozada . He denies that Lozada was free to use his cellphone , go with his family but said Lozada did not request for that .

The Airport security that was detailed to escort Lozada also denied that there was kidnapped or abduction . But Lozada stated that when he arrived at the airport he said to the security that his family is waiting for him and he wanted to go home but assigned airport security did not permit him for just the excuse that there were many people in Lozada’s house .

The attorney who prepared the affidavit also denies that statement in which Lozada signed was his own statement and not prepared or was prepared for him beforehand .


It is very disgusting that the truth did not come out . As I was following this developments on what the top officials declared on their statements , my mother was furious . What could we see at this time ? My first question on my first article regarding Lozada was not answered with the last hearing that transpired . My question was , “ Why was Lozada not brought to the Senate , since there was warrant of arrest for him issued by the Senate and the Chief of Police knows these and of course the airport police . "

" Why was he esorted to a nearby province and then surface out and still not brought to the Senate , which is looking for him and needed his statement ."

I think its really obvious that they really does'nt want Jun Lozada to go home or attend a senate hearing . Though they denied there was abduction still the question is why the go around , and then when they could no longer deny that Lozada was on their custody , he was surfaced because of the media is looking for him. Now that the last hearing on the twisted statements of the concerned officials was given . It is now for the senate to come out with their conclusion and made necessary recommendation. For me , this case is another issue for president GMA's impeachment , if not another people power in making.