Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Critism on Pres. Arroyo's admission on ZTE Deal Mounts

I critisize the President's admission on the irregularities of the ZTE Broadband deal and i shared the same opinion of our senators and a lot of people of this action. The president committed an act which is a "betrayal of trust" . She already knows that the contract to be signed in China had irregularities and she delayed her action . She let it be signed and witness a done deal. She only "cancelled" or "suspended: the project after the exposure of Joey De Venecia and now the new "Jedai" as they call him Jun Lozada.

The admission happen in timing , when mounting protest are going and plans for more actions on the street would be launch. In celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the EDZA revolution. The celebration was not graced by the president but the vice president attended together with former president Fidel Ramos, the military officials. It was some sort of "bad omen" that the celebration was full of "glitches". Maybe it is a sign that the spirit of EDZA revolution does not conform with the present regime of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies .

The president celebrated a mass in Malacanang in celebration of Edza . After the mass she made statements confirming that she has no plans to heed to the call of the people . She said , "She will not resign, There is no president except her, She is the only one who decides and not who is not in government, A people power 3 would condone the Philippines "

This are the firm stand of President Arroyo , it is not a surprise that she would take that stand and it just confirms that her drama of admitting there was irregularities in the ZTE Broadband deal in a radio interview was just a way to get sympathy. And another thing , in a recent interview with Sec. Bunye , he stated that the Pres. did not say there were irregulaties in the contract. And what for was the interview ? Its really just a drama ?

The people are not undaunted and had showed the courage to express their feelings of hate for the present regime in the 22 anniversary of the EDZA revolution , youth , students, actors , director and public officials as well as former senator Guingona attend the rally at Mendiola. A mass was held in Baclaran church also for the celebration with former president Cory Aquino, senators, congressman, hyath 10, actors and actressess and supporters of Jun Lozada.

A much bigger assembly are being planned these consist of all anti arroyo organizations , from students, teachers, religious, workers, muslims, government officials, business community ,actors , actresses and former Presidents. These will be held on February 29 and the crowd is estimated to be 50,000. I say to you!

See you on February 29, i hope i was there...
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