Thursday, February 7, 2008

Commission , $130,000,000 !? Corruption in the Philippines

I was following developments in the Philippines but the latest event that is transpiring now are signs of probably the fall of GMA 's government .

The man in the picture ; Rodolfo Jun Lozada

He is a witness in supposed to be Senate investigation about the anomalous “ ZTE scandal . An arrest warrant was issued by the senate for him when he did not attend the last inquiry . But before it was issued to Jun Lozada , he left for China . Jun Lozada arrived Tuesday , February 6 at NAIA . Upon landing at the airport the man was not seen by the family . This cause the family to be apprehensive and worried on his whereabouts. Because Jun Lozada ‘s location could not be determined the family of Lozada submit writ of habeas corpus at the Supreme Court. Until it was only on the following day he appeared at a press conference , escorted by nuns and priest on his side tired and afraid .

On the Press Conference , the man stated that he was escorted by the Police and was drive around a nearby province . He also said that he was brought to the care of the nuns and priest , probably because the matter of his whereabouts is well publicized in the media and also a writ was already submitted at the supreme court.

The airport police and the police denied at first the whereabouts of Jun Lozada until he surfaced and now they are saying that the man went to them for security where Jun denied.

In the Press Conference , he implicated former Comelec Chairman Abalos by telling the public that Chairman Abalos was asking for $ 130,000,000.00 dollars as commission . He also said that Chairman Abalos made a death threat on him . That is why he was afraid of his life . He also said that Chairman Abalos called First Gentleman , husband of the President Gloria Arroyo regarding the commission.

The man will testify at the senate hearing scheduled on February 8, 2008.

Questions ? Revelations to be heard ? Developments to Watch?

It is a question or mystery why the man , Jun Lozada be escorted by Presidential Security Group. When a search warrant is already issued by the senate and the police knows this. It is very clear that the government , “tried or tested the waters “ . They tried to kidnapped ? Escort? the man but because the event of his alleged “kidnapped “ or “escort? was publicized in the media , he was surfaced and a news conference followed . This is clearly syndicated style of trying to cover up something.

Why did the police escorted “ or kidnapped ? Lozada . Why they should have brought Lozada to the Senate because of the warrant . There is a warrant that has been issued before Lozada fly to China . Is the Police much higher in authority than the Senate .

And in the press conference , it is a bomb that was exploded in the open . What Lozada had said

"He said the police tried to give him a affidavit for his signature stating that “he did not talk to any government official regarding the ZTE project” He signed it because he was afraid .

Again , Why did the police made this document ? For whom will it benefit ? Will it be for FG and PGMA?

The explosive revelation will follow when we hear the testimony of Jun Lozada at the Senate Hearing . But I think it is already signs of a real syndicated cover up of something bigger that will explode like bomb for the present unbearable government . Grrrr.........

People have to make moves now to support the “Great Revelation” of this man . The people should be vigilant to expose any moves against Lozada taking the witness stand. Fellow bloggers, readers , webmaster , let us support the cause of fighting corruption in govenment .

We will pray for you Lozada ! Fight ! you’re a truly a model of a proud "Flip "Filipino .