Saturday, February 2, 2008

People of the Earth ,Davos Question? A Grave Concerned

As I was surfing the internet specifically at You Tube I came across this DAVOS? And I found out that there was a world leaders conference and its been going on every year on this place in Switzerland . I believe that every living person should have watched and participated on this meeting because what they were discussing was about PEOPLE . The main issue here in DAVOS was a question ? What one thing do you think that countries , companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?"

The world top leaders meet every year at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss how to make the world a better place. The conference ended last week of January ( watch full sessions on )

This was participated by 2500 participants that discussed sectoral issues on climate change , international developments , economics , education , energy and human rights . This was also participated by almost 2 million you tube users all over the world. And a top favorite for the month of January .

My concerned with this Davos ?

I blog about Flip’s , Filipinos . They are people and Davos question is about people. My understanding is that world leaders had tried to discussed worldwide problems and derive solutions . They have recognize that there is a need for brand of collaborative and innovative leadership to address the challenges of globalization, particularly the pressing problems of conflict in the Middle East, terrorism, climate change and water conservation. "Globalization is forcing changes in how people should address global issues .

We are interconnected and the world is interconnected, the only way for the world to work is to have a set of common values. We have no option but to work together." This is what they had realized ."

On my own point of view the worlds problems is about competing for resources and these struggles resulted to world problems . Poor countries like the Philippines and other developing countries are still left behind on economic and political developments . First world countries still dominates second and third world countries . This had been happening ever since , man discovered how to develop resources , capitalized on this resources for the benefit of their country and exploit developing countries .

Now the new world development is developing into a new arrangement "Globalization" , the First , 2nd and third world countries , Oil rich countries and the New China . This countries are the new big players and competing for world economy . What would happen in the future or in the coming generations is relevant to what is it today . Will there be cooperation , collaboration , domination or exploitation.

For us who had not known that there is an ongoing movement about the Davos question , we had to be involve . Let us be one with these leaders who had started to draw some remedies for the worlds problems. For us bloggers , we could write articles on how do we address this question.

What can you do ? What can we do? It is not only a 2008 undertaking , its a struggle for life ? What would be your answer to the DAVOS question ?