Thursday, February 28, 2008

BOMB of Jun Lozada exploded after the BOMB THREAT in PUP

In the morning of February 28 the Polytecnic University of the Philippines receive a call that there is a bomb in the school. At the grounds of the school are students having a program in preparation for the visit of Jun Lozada. Knowing of the bomb threat the school security , lock the gates of the school. The students having a program was bewildered and caught their attention in the closing of the gates, so at a quick decision they rush to the gate and struggle with the guard to open it. After a few minutes bomb disposal unit of the police came, but again the students barricaded the gate so the police can't come in, until the police were overpowered by the students. Then Jun Lozada came with students raising their fist in joy and salute to the coming of Jun Lozada.. Then the program continued with Jun Lozada making the speech, but after a while the microphone was cut off..

What could we see on this scenario ,, it is again another ploy to sabotage an expression and showing of democratic rights of the students..Why are the security locking the gates ?? Do they know that if there is really a bomb , many students will die.. Is it not the right, to let the students out of the school premises but the security must had in mind that Jun Lozada will be coming and He is the real bomb and not a ployed bomb threat.. Its a real drama but with the students smart decision , they were able to stop the drama and continue to express their sentiments with the present regimes treachery..Mabuhay ang mga estudyante !!

And again with the preparations for the interfaith rally it seems or more likely a military authority is up and coming. Battalion of soldiers are waiting at Fort Bonifacio complete with long arms and tanks. The police numbering 5000 will guard? the rally , i hope its not GMA they are protecting . And a camp in of Arroyo supporters fully prepared with ready made banners , torch and placards complete with packed meals , what resources are they using for these counter propaganda. There is even a contingent of soldiers guarding the entrance to Manila. They are there to stop other participants of the rally i'am sure, just like with former EDSA revolution.

There was another incident that happen with Jun Lozada in Tundo . After the mass the crowd gathered at the plaze outside the church and you know what happen, the security and even Lozada lost their wallet and cellphones. They were worried with the lost of the cellphone, because there might be some important information on that phone. Again with this event , i have a wild imagination ? don't you think its another modus operandi , to get those cellphone? well the enemies of Jun Lozada are very clever?

All is well and prepared , let us see what would be the outcome of the Inter Faith Rally.. I and those supporters for truth and idealist of a nationalist and democratic aspiration for our country supports the cause of the inter faith rally and the right time has come..GLORIA RESIGN..gloria RESIGN ,,GLORIA RESIGN...