Sunday, July 27, 2014

Make your email safe

On the early stage of  the internet and when email started its a whole lot easier and safer to have communications. But as it get years in using the internet and emails life begins to be uneasy. We reach an age online that emails are used not only used for communication but rather more for selling products and services. It is not only the enterpreneurs who targets their clients email but also some bad guys do the phishing, the selling and spamming of your electronic mails.   The latest revelations of "Edward Snowden"  our  online account or  emails is now "eyed" by governments to look for a potential terrorist since the 911.

The latest spying on our account is the very latest in the history of email  communication and a lot of people had now become conscious and fear about the accounts online.  But businesses had been creative in having some alternatives and making secure that email accounts would be free from phising, spamming and even being spied by any government. Have you experienced phising and spamming ? Yes for me , i always receive phising emails from Paypal and even reporting it they cannot stopped it. What more for the spying of your emails,  nobody could determine if your account is being spied.

I think the latest technology that have been developed regarding emails is the 'auto destructing electronic messages"  With the term it describes that your messages have a span of life , it self destructs. Just like a James Bond movie, when he receives a message it self destucts in a few minutes, so there are no more messages and its not traceable. 

New technology is about new business so we are assure that whatever problems we encounter there will be solutions there are remedies to ensure the safety of our account so dont worry about your emails or account.